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We have some wonderful shows to offer you.
Two new shows from The Boite - a fantastic hub for wonderful world, folk and gypsy music. The next two concerts look so interesting. Have you ever heard music from West Papua New Guinea? No? Well, you can now - Black Orchid String Band. They also have music by sublime Marilla Homes who is accompanied by talented musicians.
Have you booked your tickets for The Last Impresario? We have had an excellent response from our members. Check their feedback here.
We are really excited to promote DIVE - a new Australian rock musical set written by The very talented Xavier Brouwer. Also, check the DIVE website - quite interesting!
This July, Exit Theatre & Rochford Wines bring to you an exciting new tragicomedy 'The Suicide of Solitude' by award winning Ukrainian playwright Neda Nejdana, and directed by Kristof Kaczmarek, artistic director of Exit Theatre.
Our regular footy shows have become enormously popular. If you have not seen one of these shows - we strongly recommend you go! You will have a ball. Check some feedback from two such events here and here or just go to Past Events and check there.
As always, there are other events for you to reserve tickets to. Please check our site for more information.
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The Suicide of Solitude
“The Suicide of Solitude” teeters on the border of tragedy and farce.
Located in the beautiful winery Rochford Wines in Yarra Valley, the play performed by a multicultural cast offers an excuse to have a day out at the winery and enjoy entertaining theatre in a warm indoor location. Suitable for ages 12+.
DIVE seeks to remind middle Australia that not everyone is so lucky, even in an affluent society such as ours there is a hidden underclass, and that it doesn’t take much (e.g. divorce, mental illness or drug abuse) for even a well-off person to fall from grace and end up at the bottom of the heap.
THE LAST IMPRESARIO delves into the life and work of theatre impresario, Michael White- an eccentric, daring and unstoppable man who changed British culture, one show at a time. The Hollywood Reporter US says: “The kind of glitzy, gossipy, celebrity-jammed story that grabs you from the first frame.”
Umbrella Entertainment will release THE LAST IMPRESARIO in limited cinemas nationally on 26 June.