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Cabaret Review by Matthew Grant
What: The Late Night Sexy Show (Cabaret)
When: Thursdays May15,22,29 @ 10.30pm
Where: The Butterfly Club
Created by: Grant Busé
Melbourne is a city rich with choice. Quite literally, if you can think of it, chances are, its happening here. In the world of cabaret, we are blessed. Melbourne is spoilt with options.
So – it’s a late night on a Thursday. You’ve had your dinner, perhaps a drink or two with friends and now your faced with the inevitable question. Should I be sensible and go home to bed… OR… do I wander up the back alleys of the CBD and find a sexy, blond surfie boy, who’ll serenade me with song and get his gear off?
Grant Busé is a competent musician; he plays guitar and sings well and he’s easy on the eye, and that’s important in a show that’s sells itself as 'sexy'. The running gag throughout this show sees Busé losing item after item of clothing, leaving him butt naked by the end, sporting nothing but his guitar and a cheeky smile.
Hailing from Queensland, Busé’s brand of comedy is free of cynicism and musically celebratory. His song choice is fun: lashings of Prince and a medley of anthems paying homage to the female derrière. There is no doubt - Busé is an ass man and we laugh and sing along with him as he makes musical merry of the fact.
In true cabaret style, Busé pushes the envelope. His song 'Hypocrite' is clever and challenges the state of attitude towards same sex love in our society. He holds the Church accountable for its intolerance. Entertainingly and with clever wit, he uses the scriptures to illustrate just how ludicrous and outmoded these attitudes are. Touché Msr. Busé, you hit your mark…But to be true cabaret, the artiste must also show his humanity.
This is where Busé missed. He may well be getting his bootie off, but he didn’t expose his soul. He walks a tight rope between cheeky confidence and cockiness and this lets his performance down. Cabaret must bare its honesty, otherwise the artiste runs the risk of disconnecting with his audience.
Grant Busé is going places. He’s intelligent, cute, creative, musical and and all ‘round nice guy. He’s joyous to watch and fun to be around and he has peachy pink pinch-able nipples. The Late Night Sexy Show is fun. It’s a clever mix of pop and original music and some well-written comedy. It’s a good night out, a sing-a-long, a coupla drinks ‘n a belly laugh. … And – YES – it's sexy.
3 Stars