Hello Melbourne!
We have more new shows coming your way including the fabulous show called Organ & ... Percussion & Soprano. For those of you who witnessed the magic of Ariel Valent, this show is not to be missed!
If you enjoy dance, then DANSE (3) - SANS SPECTACLE is for you. This show is described as 'magical'. If you go on the official website for Dance House, there are literally a handful of tickets for people to buy at full price. We are fortunate to have a few tickets added to our site.
One of the most well received films from The Jewish Film Festival this year is Broadway Musicals; A Jewish Legacy. You now have the opportunity to see this movie through us!
2 members had returned single passes for NSFW to our site. So, if you still want to go - you can still see this show through us - however, you will be going alone unless you buy a full price ticket from Red Stitch Actors Theatre.
Don't be shy to book your tickets to The Temperamentals. This will be another sellout for Mockingbird Theatre group. You can't go wrong!
Venture out to beautiful Healsville, it will be worth it! watch Down an Alley Filled with Cats - this sounds like an excellent show. If you are there on the 14th of December, come say hello - I should be there.
We have other shows listed in Victoria - so, please check out our site!
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