Show sure to be a winner

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Mark Brandon (Chopper) Read was one of the more distasteful characters that Melbourne had ever produced, a terrible bully, stand over man and police informant who also worked for the prison warders disciplining fellow inmates on the 'screws' behest for benefits for himself.

But life takes many twists and turns, even for one stamped as evil as Chopper. Towards the end of his life Read had wrestled with his demons and had found solace that life had 'sorted him', and he looked death stoically in the eye.

So it is fair to say given the right treatment this show should be a sure fired box office sensation!

Frank Howson has tapped into a contemporary fascination with the nether world of society but he in no way means to glorify it or Chopper's life and trail of death and destruction.

Frank is about to start casting the play which is due for debut in early 2015. Keep an eye on this paper for updates and interviews as the production is completed.

L-R Frank Howson, Les Twentyman and Warren Wills

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