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Tape is a 1999 play by Stephen Belber. You can find out more about TAPE by clicking here.
Performances start from the 3rd of July.
Take this opportunity to see the very interesting unraveling of events in TAPE. $10/ticket!! You really should not miss this one, not just for the price tag - this is good event.Click here to learn more. Don't wait until we are down to 2 tickets. Buy NOW.
These tickets are going to go fast. So, get them whilst you can.. we have a few comps but the best deal is to get yourself a double pass. Small, intimate venue.. we all know Fem needs no introduction Josh Levy is a very talented composer.
Another Day @ Globe Cafe | 6 & 7 JulyLogin and get your tickets NOW!
Slapstick, surreal, sexy, One Trick Pony’s Carousel is a deliciously dark cocktail of highly polished vaudeville, burlesque, circus and dance. Marvel at this daring duo of female acrobats as they perform genre- and gender-defying acts from the golden age of circus, exploring themes of power, lust, and heartbreak…
Your guides on this journey are characters of the old world circus; slapstick irreverent clowns, hyper-masculine strongmen and beautifully bizarre carousel horses.
*Warning - definitely not a conventional juggling act, but much more memorable for it!
(For audiences aged 16+. Full female frontal nudity / adult themes.)Green Room Award Nominee (2012 Innovation and Excellence in Circus)
and you should be laughing for a continuous hour, don't miss some free and harmless laugh out loud medicine..
July 10th features...
July 17th features…
July 9th features...
July 16th features…
LUKE MCGREGOR (Best Newcomer MICF 2013)
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Come and enter into Club Voltaire's cosmic womb of delightful decadence and sensual indulgence. A variety of unique, edgy and arty performances including gothic, burlesque and performance art. Each act will have a dark and seductive edge that will keep you on the tips of your toes
An explosive play that took critics and audiences by storm and became a world-wide sensation upon its release, Equus is Peter Shaffer's exploration of the way modern society has destroyed our ability to feel passion. Directed by Chris Baldock - who has a reputation of delivering excellent shows.
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Music of the Orient: India & China | Boite World Music Cafe - more tickets have been made available. Mindy Meng Wang, guzheng (zither) and Vinod Prasanna, bansuri (flute), cross a cultural divide to work together in a concert that explores the exciting possibilities of new Australian music. Most people will pay $20 to see this show, you pay only $5. Don't miss it!
Go Festival - this is a dream festival - and it is all about women! I am definitely going to see what this is all about...
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