Giving you the heads up on Anthony Ackroyd's Stress Less laugh More!

Hi Laughter Lovers!

Thanks for your time. Just a quickie to let you know there are a few places left for the Sydney JUNE 22 STRESS LESS LAUGH MORE! workshop. Details and other fun stuff here:

Our April workshop sold out when enquiries tripled in the last week. So if interested please act now and don't miss out!
- All the best, Anthony Ackroyd

P.S. Here's a sample of some of the testimonials given by participants who attended our April Stress Less Laugh More! workshop:

"I found the benefits of ‘Stress Less, Laugh More’ immeasurable. The value of Anthony Ackroyd’s workshop is incomparable.
I am so glad I was part of this wonderful and uplifting experience." Tania Holloway - Marketing / Graphic Designer

"Anthony led us with a light but certain touch and everyone came away shining. Recommended for anyone wanting a dose of life! Andrew Hill - Administrator

"I learnt great techniques that I have used daily since the workshop.
But more than that, I now truly feel less alone in my stresses because I have had the privilege of being empowered,
learning some great tools and forming strong bonds with other people wanting to learn to Stress Less and Laugh More!” Lucy Sunman - Lawyer