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    Default Parallel Universe Footy

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    Cheyenne has changed over the years, and his attitude to footy is no exception. From 2004, when Guerra couldn’t get his non-preferred boot to the ball in the goalsquare against Port (leading them to their first flag), to our sad defeat in the elimination final in 2011, we Sainters have all watched every game with the overall goal of the Grand Final in mind.

    The natural, certain and understandable falloff in intensity that is being displayed by Milney, Dal, Goddard (before he left), Sam Fisher and Kossie is sad, but hey, it’s EVOLUTION. The wonder is how Roo continues to operate as he has for the past 10 years. What a champ. What a captain, as last night testified. I’ve been lambasted for targeting Milne and Dal, but the facts are clear. They’re earning more in one year than Cheyenne will in a lifetime, but their effort doesn’t match the paypacket.

    Last night Milney was at it again - costing us goals, selfishly ignoring Saad who was in the clear and twenty yards out. He’s been great for so long, but only because the goals he kicked added up to more than he cost us. Now, as he struggles to scrounge a goal a game, those days are over.

    So, to Cheyenne’s Parralel Footy Universe. Scotters is clearly refusing to play either our best 22, or the 22 for the future. The rubber stamp selection of Milne (taking the place of another young midfielder), Kossie (taking the place of Hickey) and Dal (taking the place of another young midfielder) proves it. Even in their pomp, Lyon had the gumption to drop Milney and Dal. And where are they hiding Spencer White this week? He’s not even playing for Sandy. If he were at Collingwood, Carlton or Geelong he’d have been played by now. But down at Centrebet HQ? Wrap ‘em up in cotton wool at the first sign of any promising form. Look what’s happened to Tom Simpkin - a potential gun from last year, this defensive desperado is lacking a bit of confidence, so what do we do? Give him one game, then shunt him off to Sandy again.

    But Cheyenne is not about to jump off the Sainter bandwagon, and this is where the Parralel universe comes in. We no longer have to worry about winning this year’s flag, or even making the eight, so I just (try to) ignore the veterans spoken of above, and concentrate on enjoying the up and comers, and on that score I reckon we look okay.

    Stanley is going to be a gun, wherever he plays, and so are Sippy, Simpkin, Newnes, Roberton (21 and already a gun), Ross, Saad, White (if we get to see him before Carlton snaps him up), Ferguson, Hickey and Wright. The jury’s still out on Ledger, Lee, Milera, Saunders and Murdoch.

    Steven, Armitage, McEvoy and Geary are nearly a-graders already. We’ll get a couple more years out of Roo, Gilbert, Maister, Schneider, Monty and Dempster Forget all the veterans above, plus Blakey, Ray, Gwilt, Dennis-Lane and the admirable Clint Jones.

    Cheyenne Autumn
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