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    Default Peace on Erf

    Geday my name Dezzy McKenna, I po went to school in Toorak, STUDIOUSLY AVOIDING ALL STUDY, I passed with raving 'D's and seriously avoided going to the Vietnam war.. If I was no good at footy and cricket i wasn't going to be much good to my nation in a jungle gun fight. I played a LOT of music, mostly drums inc with Wendy Saddington, Randy and Jah Roots, Brian Brown RIP, Frank Traynor, Linda and Vika, Jo Jo Zep, Wlbur Wilde and just about everyone in Melbourne in the 70's and 80's
    Here's a little thing i posted on youtube today,

    Grace was my Grandmother, she lost 3 brothers in WW1 and spent her life in misery
    --- so i put 'a Song for Grace ' up on you tube (i make videos)

    “A Song for Grace” Another terribly sad Gallipoli song .Written by the great Ted Egan for his dear old mother Grace (my grandmother) and sung by his lovely wife -- the mellow Welsh Diva Ms Nery Evans. You can’t sing this song at McKenna-Egan-Brennan-Toone clan knees up without the tears flowing like rivers. When I was a wee lad aged 4 to 9
    I was obsessed with war and I ‘Played War’ all day and night. I couldn’t wait for one to start! I was good at camouflage, jumping up and down, hiding and saying ‘Cover Me' ! And I knew I’d be a good shot. One night my Mum let me stay up and watch a TV documentary on World War One and it was just horrible and I hated mud!
    Later that year I played football with the big boys and that really hurt, with mud, so I concentrated on guitar, drums and The Beatles. When I was 17 I was due for recruitment to The Vietnam War and was definitely not going. I was going to be a priest or cross the border to Albury rather than go to war. Boys from my school started coming back --- insane, crippled or both or not coming back at all! And I became an Anti-War spokesperson and I still am.
    Don’t GO!! … by..Dezzy ‘Animal’ Mckenna -- Peace Drummer for Jo Jo Zep, GTV9, Wilbur Wilde and Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Wendy Saddington, Brian Batie, Kate Cebrano, Rory Gallagher and the Great Ozzie Icon -- mon oncle --Ted Egan.
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