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355 ml can

Slightly cloudy looked like and tasted like solo soft drink.
Not to sweet with a slug of lime and tequila.

There was clearly an earthy el Jimador Tequila flavour ( not very strong though)
followed by a good citrus kick.

Serve on ice the frozen stuff not the drug with a twist of lime

Dip the rim of the glass in fine ground salt for a real margarita treat.

Itís lively in the glass with good flavour, one of the better RTDíS on the market.
Look donít take it to seriously itís a fun drink with a twist and I enjoyed it

Tip RTD's are good for a slow drink at home, comes in 4 packs.
However its more fun to buy a bottle and some limes and make your own.

Michael Lillis I enjoy my food and wine