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  1. saturday, march 12, 2011



    Why Not? She's far enough away from us in an environment that will supply oxygen for her latest attempt of saving our fair country, not without a fair whack of self promotion.

    If nothing else her persistence has to be admired, Hanson could maybe fill the gap for the Far Right dunny poster now that Cowboy Bob Katter has gone all warm, fuzzy and Indie! She will certainly lift the hearts of the nation's cartoonists and caricaturists!

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    We can't deny extreme views, we have to engage them head on, although in Victoria extreme views are held by many we consider family, friends and lovers...bloody Collingwood supporters! We can't deny those poor souls the succour of our familial love as we can't deny Bob or Pauline their chance to say their bit.

    Hansonism should start running fluidly again once she starts stomping the boards, giving solid sound bites for emulation in the stand up comedian arena as well. Now that has to be a good thing.

    Lets see how our Quixotic one trick pony can tilt at yet more windmills, keep us amused and shake up the what will be an interesting New South Wales Parliament.

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