Safety First
by Melynda von Wayward
Reviewed on Sun, 06/04/2014 - 00:08am
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Safety First
Comedy Review by Lisa Romeo

What: Safety First
Melbourne International Comedy Festival
When: 26 March - 19 April
Where: Melbourne Arts Centre
Performer: Dylan Cole

Safety First is performed by the talented and witty comedian Dylan Cole and is a very entertaining paradox of a workplace training seminar on Occupational Health and Safety. The one man show is a clever send up of our OH&S obsessed society as it is today.

Typical of a corporate seminar we are escorted into a room, very much set up for a day of training with butcher paper and whiteboard markers, an overhead projector and a questionnaire on arrival. Each of us was given a name badge, though not our own, which was quite a nice touch at the beginning as it immediately triggered discussion amongst the audience as we waited in anticipation for more.

A vibrant, overzealous Tim Lock (Dylan‚??s character) introduces himself as our Safety Expert. His goal is to make us all fully qualified OH&S experts also. From here the laughter starts and continues throughout the whole sketch. Dylan Cole has great presence; he is effervescent with a manner and body language that is highly exaggerated.

Safety First gives us a whole new meaning to the acronym OH&S. We learn the true definition of ‚??First Aid‚?? and are given a thorough knowledge of the craziest evacuation plan ever heard of. We are also skilled up on what workplace hazards really are.

Oh and let us not forget the coffee break, Tim Lock has a biscuit budget, only the very best for this classy training course. You will leave knowing that ‚??In a fire you must always........get out of the fire.‚?Ě

Dylan Cole effortlessly kept the audience engaged and the laughter was continuous, some even hysterical. It is refreshing, light-hearted entertainment and I highly recommend it.

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