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Comedy Review by Lisa Romeo

What: Spoilt
When: 27 March ‚?? 6 April
Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Created and Performed by Liz Skitch
Directed by Fiona Scott-Norman

Spoilt is a satirical piece about five female characters that are self obsessed with their appearance and have no boundaries in achieving what they believe to be self improvement in the physical, superficial sense. Their common aim is to be rich and beautiful, whatever it takes.

Performing solo to bring to life these five women, and with the aid of shoes, wigs, and a combination of other feminine accessories, Liz Skitch introduces the audience to 5 stereotypical women that you will either find likeable or over the top annoying.

First there is the airhead ‚??TV star‚?? who has aspirations to become a famous model/actress. Her naivety and frequent, incorrect pronunciation of words are somewhat endearing. Then there is the Botox obsessive, spiritual, karaoke loving celebrant - a little ‚??Kath and Kim‚?? but with less punch. Character number three is an amusing personal trainer; sharp, energetic and annoyingly loud in a funny way, everyone can relate to this irritating fitness fanatic who had the audience laughing out loud. Then there is the small-dog loving PR. Posh, foul mouthed and bossy, she really loves her handbag puppy, but the humour here is with a touch of cringe. Last but not least is the Bridezilla - the most unlikely ‚??spoilt, rich girl‚?? of the lot.

While Spoilt tries to capture the issue of contemporary self-obsession and narcissism, the message seems to only skim the surface. I also think that the audience were divided; to some it was hilarious and fun, appealing to those that love a karaoke machine and cannot stay seated when they hear the Nutbush, while to others the satire was evident, but the humour was at times too crass and trashy. The intent that the women were all spoilt and rich was only achieved in two of the five characters while the others came across as ‚??yobbo-like‚?? and ‚??wanna be‚?? rich and classy.

While at times Skitch had the audience laughing out loud at her characters‚?? personality traits, for me the story just didn‚??t quite get there; there was too much to take in and I felt that it didn‚??t flow smoothly.

However if nothing else Liz Skitch‚??s performance was very energetic, and I acknowledge the difficult task for a solo artist to pull together five women, five unique personalities into one storyline. Ultimately her talent shines through, and the audience will no doubt enjoy the choice of 80‚??s pop music, which is very fitting.

Trained at the school of Philippe Gaulier, Skitch is an expert mimic and clown. Spoilt premiered at La Mama as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2013.

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