Sex Idiot (UK)
by Melynda von Wayward
Reviewed on Sat, 29/03/2014 - 08:22am
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Sex Idiot (UK)
Comedy Review by Lisa Romeo

What: Bryony Kimmings - Sex Idiot (UK)
Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Where: Melbourne Town Hall
When: 27th March to 5th April 2014
Written and Performed by Bryony Kimmings

Sex Idiot is not for anyone who may be offended by adult themes, sexual references, or provocative sexy gestures and dance, and it is certainly not for those who think having multiple sexual partners is taboo either. It is however a show for anyone who wants to laugh hysterically, who can relate to promiscuous behavior and who loves sex and the freedom to explore their sexuality.

In Sex Idiot Bryony Kimmings tells her true story of discovering she had an STI, a common sexually transmitted disease at the age of 29. On making this discovery she decides to face the arduous task of retracing her sexual footsteps to see where she‚??d contracted her problem. The audience joins Bryony on a tour of her autobiographical sexual misadventures and self-realizations. The story is told ever so brilliantly through mini performances using songs, spoken word, comedy and dance.

The music throughout is sexy and loud. A highlight is a version of Dylan's 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' with the lyrics replaced by euphemisms for the vagina.

The stage features a row of old suitcases, each with a feathered, extravagant hat on top and a costume change in each. Bryony so freely dresses and undresses in front of her most appreciative audience. With each costume change Bryony recaptures the story of each sexual partner that may have potentially been the transmitter of the disease.

The countdown begins as she breaks the news to each of them one by one. When she concludes they are safe and not the culprit she marks them off the list and moves on to the next one. The story of each new lover is captured magnificently with a new song, a new dance and a new costume change.

Was it promiscuity that led her to contract this burdensome disease? How do we ever know the sexual history of any of our lovers?

The show also offers audience participation. In a most bizarre request Bryony asks the audience to provide some of their pubic hair, funnily enough there are the members of the audience who are quite obliging.

Sex Idiot is so charming and hysterically funny, as well as being edgy with a slight roughness and danger. It is an unapologetic account of female sexuality in the 21st century; a show for anyone who‚??s enjoyed a one-night stand, broken hearts and is in search of love. It also raises the important issues surrounding sexual health and awareness.

Bryony‚??s performance is haphazard, loud, unpredictable and lots of fun. She is a beautiful and superbly talented performer.

Bryony Kimmings' solo career began with Sex Idiot, which premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2010. It was the winner of Total Theatre Award 2010 Edinburgh Fringe.

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