Random Media
Cream of The Crate: Album #103...
Views: 131
No Fixed Address - From My Eye...
Views: 293
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young -...
Views: 335
Jamie Redfern performing I Bel...
Views: 295
Sidebar Banners...
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Listen To Older Voices - Rober...
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Best Videos
  The Dying Game - Richard Grist...
The Dying Game - Richard GristRemastered 2012 Crystal Clear Productions QLDComposed Grist/Crump...
12th March 2012
Views: 452

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Nicolette Forte - The State Line Tour...
Chris Brooker, Kevin Etcell, Jamie MacDowell and Nicolette Forte embarked on their world tour on the 1st of March, 2012. They didn't cover as much of the world as you'd expect from a world tour, in fact, they only covered 2 states in Australia. & when I say 'covered', I mean 4 towns in total.They we...
13th March 2012
Views: 459

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  How William Cheung introduced Chan Chee Man to Wing Chun & Yip Man....
Wing chun Master Chan Chee Man talks about his introduction to Wing Chun and Yip Man by William Cheung....
8th May 2012
Views: 515

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Models - Two Cabs To The Toucan (1981)...
Music from Australia and New Zealand in the year 1981: Models' promo-video for the track 'Two Cabs To The Toucan' taken from the 1981 mini-album/EP 'Cut Lunch'. Note: This is followed by 'mini slices', a promo-video for the 1981 EP 'Cut Lunch' which features track snippets 'Germ (Teradacity Come...
9th May 2012
Views: 673


  Swingers - One Good Reason...
No description available....
9th May 2012
Views: 392


  The Troggs - Wild Thing...
I wonder where Austin Powers got his inspiration from? The Troggs formed in 1964 and were signed by the manager of The Kinks, Larry Page in 1965. Their most famous hit was the single "Wild Thing" (written by Chip Taylor), which with the help of television exposure on Thank Your Lucky Stars reached n...
13th May 2012
Views: 288

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Prince Charles premieres new environmental documentary at Sundance London Film Festival...
Robert Redford's Sundance London festival gets the royal treatment as The Prince of Wales premieres environmental documentary 'Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World'...
16th May 2012
Views: 298

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Goodbye Johnny...
Jane Clifton's fab 1970's rock band Stiletto...
16th May 2012
Views: 507

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Ballad of a Changing Man (Robert Lloyd) - Part 1...
In 2011 Robert Lloyd commissioned Melbourne Film Maker Zev Howley to make a 30 minute film titled, "Ballad of a Changing Man - Robert Lloyd. The film details and chronicles the development of Robert's music from the beginning through to 2011. The film was then reformatted for Youtube by Rob Greave...
8th December 2012
Views: 367

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Harlem Shake v3 (office edition)...
Just Messing about with My Maker Studios Colleagues! Thanks http://twitter.com/vernonshaw for the idea SONG Baauer Harlem shake Buy on iTunes http://bit.ly/HARLEMSHAKE AND THE ORIGINAL filthy Frank http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vJiSS... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=384IU... and V2 http://www....
9th February 2013
Views: 344


  James Curry - proprietor McDonalds Tecoma...
This is a short interview conducted with James Curry, proprietor of the new McDonalds store in Tecoma Victoria, conducted about 2 hours after the store opened on April 7, 2014....
7th April 2014
Views: 361

Rob Greaves

  Divina Providencia Busking St Kilda ...
St Kilda's Busking Festival has brought a really cool bunch of performers together, including Divina Providencia...
2nd May 2012
Views: 310

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Listen To Older Voices - Magdelene Ranik:Part 3...
This is the third and final part of the Life and Times of Magdelene Ranik....
11th September 2013
Views: 286

Rob Greaves

  Arabic House Music 2013 Free Download...
http://bit.ly/WP7qTE Track List & Download http://on.fb.me/Wn8rBx Fb Page Arabic House Mix 2013 Fun Radio Le son dancefloor 2013 - Clubbing - Eurodance - Electro House Dance - Radio Mix Best House Music 2013 Club Hits ( Part 1 ) Mixed by mregel House music Deejay Mregel Best House Music 2013 Mixed B...
26th April 2015
Views: 279

Mick Pacholli

  William Cheung + Eric Oram Wing Chun Techniques: Is Wing Chun Effective for Modern Self-Defense?...
http://www.blackbeltmag.com?vi deo=1 Is wing chun effective for self-defense on the street? In this exclusive preview from the DVD Grandmaster Cheung's Wing Chun Kung Fu http://www.blackbeltmag.com/shop/grandmaster-cheungs-wing-chun-kung-fu-dvd/, grandmaster William Cheung and Eric Oram discuss wing...
8th May 2012
Views: 373

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  William Cheung and Stephen Lam system: Wing Chun forms run by Manuele Priami...
Wing Chun forms in William Cheung and Stephen Lam system run by Manuele Priami...
8th May 2012
Views: 359

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Who is William Cheung?...
Grandmaster William Cheung. For more info visit www.wingchunacademy.com .au or www.cheungswingchun.com ...
8th May 2012
Views: 309

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Wong Shun Leung and William Cheung a Tribute to two Masters....
A Tribute to Masters Wong Shun Leung and William Cheung....
8th May 2012
Views: 361

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  William Cheung L.A. Chi Sao seminar_1...
Sifu William Cheung doing a Chi Sao seminar at Sifu Eric Oram's L.A. school...
8th May 2012
Views: 322

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Grandmaster William Cheung & Sifu Rick Spain training Chi sao 1994....
Grandmaster William Cheung & Sifu Rick Spain training Chi sao 1994....
8th May 2012
Views: 1067

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Wing Chun training with William Cheung...
May 2008 on river Sava in Sremska Mitrovica Serbia, Grandmasrer William Cheung and Sifu Koviljac Predrag....
8th May 2012
Views: 335

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  William Cheung's "Traditional" Wooden Dummy Techniques...
William Cheung, who claims himself the only person who knows the "Authentic", "Traditional" or "Real" Wing Chun, demonstrates Wooden Dummy Techniques taught by Yip Man....
8th May 2012
Views: 624

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Grandmaster William Cheung & Guro Dan Inosanto Demonstration 1984....
Grandmaster William Cheung & Guro Dan Inosanto Demonstration of Butterfly swords vs Arnis Filipino sticks 1984....
8th May 2012
Views: 358

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Grandmaster William Cheung Demonstrates Bil Jee Form at the 1984 Kung Fu Championships....
Grandmaster William Cheung Demonstrates Bil Jee Form at the 1984 Kung Fu Championships. Comments posted that are disrespectful, foolish or rude will be deleted....
8th May 2012
Views: 311

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Old footage of William Cheung performing Bil Jee and Chum Kil....
Footage of William Cheung performing an older versions of his systems Bil Jee and Chum Kil forms....
8th May 2012
Views: 352

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  William Cheung Serbia - promo...
Rare clip of young William Cheung from the tv stations and documents. Promo clip of one of the Serbian representative of Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu, sifu Nenad Koviljac. Wing Chun Dragon School....
8th May 2012
Views: 327

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Grand Master William Cheung Leg Blocks...
Grand Master William Cheung Leg Blocks...
8th May 2012
Views: 294

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Grandmaster William Cheung (Wooden Dummy) 1st four Sets....
Lesson with Grandmaster William Cheung (Wooden Dummy) 1st four Sets....
8th May 2012
Views: 446

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  William Cheung traditional Wing Chun Wooden Dummy form...
Wooden Dummy Traditional Wing Chun, performed by Instructor Simone Fabbri direct student of Master Gian Luca Boccato trained by Master Steven Lam and Grandmaster William Cheung... already instructor at the 5th corps of the Italian army....
8th May 2012
Views: 619

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Wing Chun Kung Fu - Grandmaster William Cheung Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu...
Just a small intro movie for The World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association Tasmania Schools in Hobart & Launceston Tasmania, Australia. Chief Instructor Si-Fu Leigh Duff under Grandmaster William Cheung & Si-Fu Alfredo Del-Brocco see www.wingchuntasmania for more info...
8th May 2012
Views: 295

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  William Cheung 9-30-07 NJ...
William Cheung 9-30-07 NJ...
8th May 2012
Views: 308

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Wing Chun Siu Lim Tau - William Cheung...
Old footage of William Cheung Wing Chun....
8th May 2012
Views: 335

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  William Cheung Wing Chun forms for open tournaments...
Highlights from his instructional DVD http://www.blacknbluevideo.com ...
8th May 2012
Views: 293

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Wing Chun Master William Cheung demonstrates Chi sao at the Shaolin Temple....
Wing Chun Master William Cheung demonstrates Chi sao with Sifu Bruce Corrs at the Shaolin Temple....
8th May 2012
Views: 384

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  William Cheung - Grand Conman of wing chun...
i didnt make this video - but basically sums up willy...
8th May 2012
Views: 519

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Wing Chun - William Cheung - Butterfly Knife form...
Wing Chun - William Cheung - Butterfly Knife form...
8th May 2012
Views: 370

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Dragon pole with William Cheung( headquarters Melbourne Australia )...
Dragon pole with William Cheung( headquarters Melbourne Australia )...
8th May 2012
Views: 375

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  Grandmaster William Cheung's INCH PUNCH..(By Popular Demand!!)...
Grandmaster William Cheung performs his famous "Inch Punch" on Sifu Rahsun in Melbourne Au. (Notice his fist NEVER leaves the target;) ) enjoy!! btw..sorry for the quality technical difficulties....
8th May 2012
Views: 331

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

  William Cheung Style - Traditional Wing Chun Punching Bag Training...
Traditional Wing Chun training with Punching bag, performed by Instructor Simone Fabbri direct student of Master Gian Luca Boccato trained by Master Steven Lam and Grandmaster William Cheung... already instructor at the 5th corps of the Italian army....
8th May 2012
Views: 320

Mick Pacholli (Admin)

Master Redmond and Master Rahsun showcase their wing chun class on saturdays. STUPID COMMENTS OF WHICH WING CHUN IS BETTER WILL BE DELETED!!!...
8th May 2012
Views: 396

Mick Pacholli (Admin)


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ECOMM & CARRY ON eCommerce News
Join Phil Leahy and Chris Morley as they examine the week of eCommerce in our dynamic evolving industry. Join Online Market Experts as we share the hot stories of the week. Friday Update: 24th August 2012...
Added by: Mick Pacholli (Admin)
  Marngrook Xtra: Archie Roach - Colour of Your Jumper
Archie Roach performs 'Colour of Your Jumper' on Marngrook....
Added by: Mick Pacholli (Admin)
Johnny Chester - Vegemite Kisses
The Aussie legend has been working on a new cd for 10 years and it's finally here. Titled 'What you hear is what you get', Johnny has nailed it again!...
Added by: Mick Pacholli (Admin)
  Solo Harmonic, Catfish Voodoo, 'Freight Train' Staring Aaron Gillett
Freight Train is an original Harmonica solo by Aaron Gillett. Slow harmonica to cleanse the soul. New Ep is up Check out the myspace... www.myspace.com/catfishvoodoo Do it!!...
Added by: Mick Pacholli (Admin)
Collie Crew
Act 3...
Added by: Mick Pacholli (Admin)
  Antenna: Origins
Trailer for the documentary short, "Antenna : Origins", premiering at the 13th Annual Indie Memphis Film Festival, Oct. 21 at 6:45 pm, Studio on the Square....
Added by: Mick Pacholli (Admin)
Caper - Here Iam Remix
Caper's Here Iam Remix from 'Believe EP'...
Added by: Mick Pacholli (Admin)
THE MERCY KILLS shot this clip late in 2008 for their song 'YOUR TYPE' in the Melbourne streets where they live. Alex Beem was asked to produce this clip and added live footage and incidental shots. www.myspace.com/themercykills...
Added by: Mick Pacholli (Admin)
Anthon Delecca Quartet
Original Jazz...
Added by: Mick Pacholli (Admin)
Current Arabic Music Styles


BOSS Loop Contest 2011 - Xani Kolac "No Matter What" from THE TWOKS
Xani Kolac performs her song "No Matter What" on electric violin and vocals using an RC-50 and all BOSS effects pedals for her entry for the BOSS Loop Contest 2011. Video filmed and edited by Tom Marks from nice bike http://www.nicebike.com.au/ Xani is one half of D&V duo (drums and violin), The Tw...
Added by: Mick Pacholli (Admin)
  Wrokdown TOOT Radio Show #1
http://www.tooraktimes.com.au/forumdisplay.php/360-Wrokdown-Radio - Australia's first independent musician orientated music download channel brought to you by Wrok Down, Australia's only independent TV and Radio shows promoting our local acts. Toot Radio is presented each week by Anita Monk. All tr...
Added by: Mick Pacholli (Admin)
Bling Bling's Melbourne Bowling Club Skiffle Speccy
Whe the floods come and the greens are closed lawn bowlers have other more exciting ways of using their playing surfaces, extarodinary balance by Jason Saunders, the shiniest of that buch of top blokes!...
Added by: Guest
  Billy Miller - Don`t Fall In Love
Performed live on SBS Australia TV, 2007. Thirty years after the song was a Number 1 for The Ferrets. Off the album "Dreams Of A Love". Looks like he`s playing the same Strat he was playing in the original Ferrets` video. Bit less paint!...
Added by: Mick Pacholli (Admin)
Kalkadunga prelude by William Barton
WILLIAM BARTON and friends - Australian Festival of Chamber Music - Townsville, August 2010 a one hour concert of works composed by William Barton for didgeridoo string quartet voice and guitar...
Added by: Mick Pacholli (Admin)
  Guitar Lesson: using triads (Lucas Michailidis)
http://digitalpill.tv Guitarist Lucas Michailidis details his unique triadic approach to comping and improvisation. Included is a comprehensive guide to all triad inversions along with how these can be superimposed to generate a range of extended chords and alternative possibilities....
Added by: Mick Pacholli (Admin)
Added by: Mick Pacholli (Admin)
  The Mercury TheatreEP Recording 2011
We head into Sing Sing South Studios to record our debut EP. We had a lot of fun doing it too. Here's a little preview of what's to come....
Added by: Mick Pacholli (Admin)
Dita Von Teese on real size women
Dita Von Teese, the queen of burlesque on the art of glamour for every age. For more Vogue Australia videos visit http://video.vogue.com.au...
Added by: Grace
  Amy Ganter & the Love and Squalors - Butterflies
Added by: Mick Pacholli (Admin)

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Mick Pacholli Claypots - Bespoke
Some of the very best seafood I have chowed down on!...
01:02 AM, 12th February 2015 Mick Pacholli
Rob Greaves Cream of The Crate: CD #11 - The Beatles (On Air - Live at the BBC Vol. 2)
This is the amazing 2013 release of Volume 2 of the Beatles Live performances at the BBC during the period 1963 - 1965. It features many rarely heard versions of their music and two previously unreleased tracks. This track is "Anna" (Go To Him)....
08:32 AM, 6th December 2013 Rob Greaves
Robert Lloyd Dark ships
"Dark ships are sailing in" is from The Robert Lloyd - The Same Tree CD 2012 available for $20 from ROBERT LLOYD COMPOSER /WRITER @ FACEBOOK....
11:07 PM, 21st October 2012 Robert Lloyd