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#AusOpenGC Men's pairs section winners:Section 1 W. Balfe, A. JossSection 2 D....

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  • #AusOpenGC Men's pairs section winners:Section 1 W. Balfe, A. JossSection 2 D....

    #AusOpenGC Men's pairs section winners:
    Section 1 W. Balfe, A. Joss
    Section 2 D. Mckinnon, T. Simmons
    Section 3 D.Jeffery, A. Howie
    Section 4 L. Pointon, J. Balzarolo
    Section 5 E. Copeland, D. Cann Jnr
    Section 6 W. Handley, A. Bell
    Section 7 B. Davis, M. Bannah
    Section 8 A. Rees, B. Baker
    Section 9 P. Richards, C. Bailey
    Section 10 R. Smith, N. Downes
    Section 11 L. Sims, J. Appleyard
    Section 12 G. Hawken, N. Hill
    Section 13 A. Cross, J. Hicks
    Section 14 W. Mcivor, B. Turner
    Section 15 J. Turnbull, J. Andersen
    Section 16 L. Schiulaz, J. Schiulaz
    Section 17 J. Peisley, M. Lewis
    Section 18 G. Vipond, S. Airey
    Section 19 C. Le Lievre, B. Morthorpe
    Section 20 L. Beckman, J. Bosisto
    Section 21 P. Thorn, M. Humphreys
    Section 22 R. Schoefield, R. Goodridge
    Section 23 C. Mckibben, B. Mcnish
    Section 24 K. Brown, A. Murtagh
    Section 25 C. Tegg, J. Tegg
    Section 26 P. Davis, P. Mcbrierty
    Section 27 J. Crockett, O. Lockett
    Section 28 S. Said, R. Wilson
    Section 29 B. Wilkie, N. Rice
    Section 30 B. Glasson, S. Glasson
    Section 31 G. Spry, A. Kalnins
    Section 32 P. Rafton, M. Norris
    Section 33 D. Wilcox, D. Sutherland
    Section 34 I. Miller, R. Dienelt
    Section 35 M. Casey, A. Sherriff
    Section 36 B. Hoad, M. Cummings
    Section 37 G. Kerr, J. Wise
    Section 38 M. Henderson, J. Peter
    Section 39 G. Gebus, G. Niclasen
    Section 40 D. Riley, N. Allen
    Section 41 G. Ruaporo, J. King
    Section 42 F. Carbone, G. White
    Section 43 B. Leese, S. White
    Section 44 S. Fogorty, C Edgarton
    Section 45 T. Caughey, J. Nelson
    Section 46 M. Joffray, F. Maguire
    Section 47 B. Parker, D. Prior
    Section 48 M. O'Meagher, C. O'Meagher
    Section 49 N. WIlson (VIC), A. Wilson
    Section 50 D. Skinner, C. Wedlock
    Section 51 B. Sole, B. Dexter
    Section 52 C. Snary, Z. Woning
    Section 53 W. Toomey, J. Hamilton
    Section 54 J. Turner, P. Black
    Section 55 P. Ellul, K. Mallory
    Section 56 W. Ruediger, S. Thulborn
    Section 57 M. Petrov, R. Edwards
    Section 58 B. Twist, D. Holt
    Section 59 J. Rafton, D. Pearson
    Section 60 L. Litfin, D. Margan
    Section 61 K. Vandersluys, A. Staples
    Section 62 R. Girvan, G. Archer
    Section 63 R. Pearse, K. Kerkow
    Section 64 J. Anderson, T. Somerville
    Section 65 P. Anderson, B. Signal
    Section 66 K. Chan, B. Li
    Section 67 C. Litfin, N. Gosley
    Section 68 S. De Jongh, K.Lehfeldt
    Section 69 S. Dalton, T. Cunningham
    Section 70 M. Harvey, M. McIntyre
    Section 71 B. Wallace, C. Edmunds
    Section 72 P. Malicki, J. Arrowsmith
    Section 73 Muhammad Hizlee Abd Rais, Fairul Izwan Abd Muin
    Section 74 L. Guy, L. Newman
    Section 75 G. Lawson, R. Bester
    Section 76 J. Simmons, A. Fawcett
    Section 77 A. Eddy, I. Ross (VIC)
    Section 78 P. Rogalski, P. Caffell
    Section 79 J. Connellan, C. Roberts
    Section 80 K. Pickering, D. Hudson
    Section 81 M. Clarke, N. Burkett
    Section 82 B. Lester, A. Marshall
    Section 83 M. Reid, P. Houlahan
    Section 84 Zulhilmee Redzuan, Mohd Amir Mohamed Yusuf
    Section 85 B. Findlay, A. Ross
    Section 86 H. Degasso, J. Farnsworth
    Section 87 S. Dennis, N. Pederson
    Section 88 J. Adams, S. Ferrier
    Section 89 Tee Chiak Chia, Chiathai Kanchanakaphan
    Section 90 P. Belliss, S. Ingham
    Section 91 G. Templeton, G. Bailey
    Section 92 A. Halls, A. Kruimel
    Section 93 T. Taylor, H. Mcdonald
    Section 94 R. Hall, G. Kirk
    Section 95 Izzat Syamer Dzulkeple, Mohammad Syamil Syazwan Ramli
    Section 96 V. Beckley, P. Elder
    Section 97 T. Bonnell, P. Deutschmann
    Section 98 T. Kung, K. Chan
    Section 99 B. Blakeway, L. Stahlhut
    Section 100 R. Wild, S. Baker
    Section 101 J. Collins, C. Ramage
    Section 102 W. Mitchell, G. Mitchell
    Section 103 M. Vaughan(VIC), A. Ash
    Section 104 N. Smith, N. Jenkins
    Section 105 D. Mcguire, B. Taylor
    Section 106 M. Spring, G. Lyon
    Section 107 C. Curtis, C. Healey
    Section 108 M. Riley, D. Riley
    Section 109 P. Thompson, T. Corba
    Section 110 J. Forbes, R. Southam
    Section 111 B. Hoey, S. Halmai
    Section 112 T. Pappas, P. Westcott
    Section 113 D. Christie, G. Jeans
    Section 114 S. Mcilroy, P. Girdler
    Section 115 D. Strickland, M. Harry
    Section 116 B. Walsh, J. Groenewege
    Section 117 S. Laguzza, M. Baus

    Men's pairs next best qualifiers:
    1 K. Brandhoj, P. Burns
    2 L. Iaccarino, J. Coles
    3 W. Falconer, J. Noronha
    4 J. Green, W. Turley
    5 S. Walker, G. Pauling
    6 D. Hatter, M. Stonham
    7 G. Mounsey, B. Baldwin
    8 A. Teys, J. Henry
    9 B. Melville, G. Shillington
    10 G. Wilson, J. Smith
    11 D. Fisher, M. Flapper

    Disclaimer: Please note these listings are subject to verification of scorecards by the controlling body.


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