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Republicans moaning about monarchy are out of touch

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  • Republicans moaning about monarchy are out of touch

    Dr Sean Palmer is chairman of Monarchy New Zealand. He has a Masters and a PhD on the importance of the monarchy to New Zealand. In an article published in The New Zealand Herald on the joyful occasion of the arrival of the Prince of Cambridge, he denouned "a few spoilsports who take every opportunity to complain.

    "Their childish diatribes generally follow a pattern as predictable as it is boring. They demonstrate how much New Zealand's monarchy has evolved in the last 60-70 years and how little republicans have changed.

    "Our monarchy is especially remarkable because it is shared among 16 independent countries. Republicans decry this arrangement as strange and backward. But, in a shrinking world where globalisation and international co-operation are vital, sharing our head of state is something to be proud of. The insular and selfish values espoused by republicans are at odds with the modern world. Ironically, it is republicans with their inward-looking view who would be more comfortable in the 1950s than our own 87-year-old Queen who is much-admired in the fast-moving modern age.

    "In the 20th century, republicans accused those who supported the monarchy of suffering from 'colonial cringe', a belief that New Zealand was inferior to Britain. In the 21st century however, the absurdity of these claims is clear for all to see. It is republicans who are unhappy, who feel New Zealand is somehow inferior and immature. They couldn't be more wrong. Kiwis have a lot to be proud of and the new royal baby is just one more reason to celebrate."