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Greek King still on a mission for Greece

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  • Greek King still on a mission for Greece

    HM King Constantine II of the Hellenes has no official function in Greece anymore, however, he is still actively working for his home country.

    This became obvious in a new documentary Our Queen that was broadcast last Sunday on ITV. The excellent two-hour documentary about the Queen in her Jubilee year received praise from the critics and can be watched on YouTube or in the embedded video below.

    Twelve minutes ten seconds into the programme Prime Minister David Cameron appears for his weekly meeting with the Queen. The comment goes on like this:

    Every Wednesday at 6 pm the sovereign receives her prime minister.
    Prime Minister : There’s a lot going on this week. There’s the Euro zone crisis, the Greek elections, French elections ...

    Queen Elizabeth: We were talking about the Euro zone problem. The King did ring me. He is very worried about it.
    Greek republicans may not like it, but via the British Monarch the Greek King raised the issue with one of the important leaders in the EU.

    On The Greek Royal Familiy's website is another indicator for the King's concern:
    His Majesty King Constantine’s message on the occasion of the centennial anniversary of the Liberation of the city of Ioannina 4 March 2013

    Asked by journalists about Greece's social and economic crisis, HM King Constantine, stressed, that the politicians and our society can lead our country to better days, only when they act in accord, in unity.

    We cannot afford further friction amongst politicians nor our society to be divided.

    Citizens and the State must be in concord.

    "When the people suffer, we all suffer", HM King Constantine concluded.