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Spanish Monarchists are asked to welcome the new King

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  • Spanish Monarchists are asked to welcome the new King

    The Spaniards are asked to come out on 6th June in the Kingdom's major cities to show their support for the Constitution and Don Felipe de Borbón y Grecia who will be proclaimed King Felipe VI on 19th June.

    Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has refused a referendum on the future of the monarchy, because it would first require a change to Spain's constitution. His cabinet and parliament are paving the way for King Juan Carlos I to abdicate. "I think the monarchy has the support of the great majority in Spain," Rajoy said at a news conference. "Propose a constitutional reform if you don't like this constitution. You have the perfect right to do so. But what you cannot do in a democracy is bypass the law."

    In 1978, as Spain returned to democracy following the Franco dictatorship, 88 percent of voters supported the establishment of a constitutional monarchy at a referendum.

    Three small leftist parties - Podemos, United Left and the Equo green party - on Monday proposed a referendum on the monarchy. The fringe groups won a combined 20 percent of the vote in Spain's elections for the European Parliament last month.

    To counter republican demonstrators Monarchists are asked to show their support for the monarchical constitution and Don Felipe.