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Drug Law Reform Australia fundraiser assistance

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  • Drug Law Reform Australia fundraiser assistance

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    Help us change prohibition laws

    The Drug Law Reform Party is wanting to have a fundraiser for our National campaign.

    We have a big job ahead of us and we will need all people of good will's help.

    This is possibly one of the most important elections in Australia's history and to that end we'd like you to help us put an end to the criminalisation of our population due to misdirected and ineffectual laws currently in effect.

    Drugs are a health issue and they need to be regulated so that our society can free itself from the costs associated with the failed War against drugs, to be able to stop dead the herion and methamphetamine markets saving thousands of lives and millions of dollars.

    Our campaign is not about legalising or decriminalising as much as it is about regulating these substances so that society can move on and start to heal itself.

    Regulating will not only bring about better health outcomes, both physical and mental, it will divert the enormous amount of money that once traveled through the black market straight into the coffers of government departments.

    If there are any acts, bands or comedians, an MC that would like to help the cause please inbox me, we are also looking for sponsors and donations to the Party so that we can run as many candidates as possible Australia wide.

    If you think you can help us run fundraisers in other States than Victoria please contact
    Greg Chipp.

    I know muso's and artists are always being put on for free performances for this cause or that fundraiser, but...drug law reform will affect this industry like no other...think about it, we should be trying to pull this off nationally.

    Venue operators are also heavily affected by the current drug laws and could maybe help by offering a night's percentage to help the cause...let's put our thinking caps on