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  • Thunder Road Brewing Company

    A new brewer that is committed to bringing back some of the great old beers from the past and bring new beers for us to gargle, you just got to love that!

    They have taken up a legal battle with foreign Fosters owners SABMiller to try and unlock the trademarks from 50 odd beers that have not been seen around the traps for over 60 years. Beers like McCracken’s Invalid Stout, Victoria Lager, Abbots Lager, Tiger Head and Richmond Lager could well soon themselves back in the bottle and barrel.

    It is marvelous that they are challenging Fosters for the rights to use these labels, since Lion Nathan and SABMiller now own our major breweries most of our heritage labels have been buried. The Thunder Road website has a news tab where you can find out much more about what they are up to in regards to these matters.

    Philip - Founder

    Harvey - Chief Brewer

    Marcus - Brewer/Prod. Manager