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Hold yourself to a higher standard

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  • Hold yourself to a higher standard

    When your behaviour is congruent with your values & beliefs, you are building trust within yourself and reinforcing that you hold yourself accountable by your own standards.
    Have you ever set a goal & in your gut you haven't believed that you can achieve it? Maybe you have broken that trust with yourself in the past & now are skeptical of being able to commit to this goal whole heartedly as you don't trust You.

    Hold yourself to a higher standard than anyone else would. Do the right thing when no-one is watching. Remember, your own unconscious mind is always with you, by your side & experiencing whether you are being true to yourself or not. If you promise yourself a commitment, see it through.
    You know how amazing it is when you achieve a goal that you have set & you support yourself the whole way through, believing in your mission & backing yourself all the way to achieve that goal. How great does that feel? Choose to do more of that.