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TAGG Gig Guides - YOUR Free promotion pages.

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  • TAGG Gig Guides - YOUR Free promotion pages.

    The ORIGINAL Street Magazine and total Gig Guide. Still free!

    the alternative gig guide
    Your FREE multimedia Gig Guide and Events management system

    • Create your own Channel - use your Profile, Calendars, Photo and Video Galleries, TOOT Tube Channel, Blog to create a multi media environment.

    • Make Money - as a start, in your Profile when signing up you will see a Google Adsense affliliate box to enter your associated contract number code with Google - BUT in your Blogs you can also drop ads for your websites and other associated charities, websites or businesses you choose to support.

    Toorak Times shares our income with our Bloggers (for those that can be bothered setting their Channels up correctly that is)
    • Create Your Own Radio or TV - shows can be easily created with our TOOT Suite using audio, video or streaming...and there are several other modifications that allow you to directly drop a video, live stream, podcast etc from your TAGG Channel.

    • bbCodes - We use a number of bbCodes that are found in your WYSIWYG Editor when creating a post where you can drop in a Soundcloud track from your account or a song you want to profile, Google Maps is also available, just click the button and between the tags put the name and address of the venue or place and when you post it will appear. If you use JustinTV or TwitchTV you can drop your live streams straight in to your post.

    • iTunes Podcasting - is also native to the TAGG and Toorak Times sites. We encourage multi media presentations. Look at your Options at the bottom of the Edit page

    • Youtube integration - You just need to cut and paste the Youtube share code straight into your post on a seperate line, leave an extra space either side, and the video will appear on the page where you put it.

    • Use TAGG Facebook Pages and Groups - fully integrate your Facebook Groups with TAGG so that posts are interactive on both sites similtaneously to share with all your friends and associates. Post your Gigs in our Facebook Events Calendar for extra oomph on your promotion.
      Social Network

      TAGG and Toorak Times are intimately connected to Facebook and Twitter and you can share with hundreds of your other social networking sites, like G+, Pinterest, Instagram etc., and you are also provided with easy share buttons, urls and embed codes should you want to share our content. We also have solid RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication) if you would like to syndicate our material onto your own websites.

      We work very similar to Facebook on the Social Networking level with Groups, Walls, Friending, Thumbs Up or Down...but offer a much richer production environment for would-be and willing multi media publishers, writers, photgraphers, videographers, artists etc. that is then easily shared.

      Let's face it, sometimes it can be a real hassle to have to spend money or time getting your developer to change your own websites. We can assist in complementing your stream of information out to Public circles.

      Sell UR Shit!

      Create your own SHOP for your CDs, DVDs, T Shirts, Collectibles and Merchandise

      The growth of the Independent artists also means there are boxes and boxes of unsold investments just sitting around. CDS, DVDs, posters, paintings, prints, sculptures, jewellery and collectibles are just now getting a new outlet.

      Merchant Members (Free join up) can set up their own shops on our Panjo Classified Shopping malls.

      We charge 8% of Gross sale and payments are split at the Shopping Cart so it is easy and seamless to get paid for your goods.

      Please contact mick@ for more information...or just join and ask me live.

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