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    17-20 October 2013

    With just a week to go before Melbourne Opening NighttheAntenna Documentary Festivalprogram is filled with an array of the world’s best documentaries and welcomes an exceptional group of local and international guests.
    Antenna’s Melbourne tour, in collaboration with the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) will screen 12 feature filmsand host a number of special international guests.
    We are thrilled to be expanding Antenna Documentary Festival to Melbourne this year. Antenna challenges and enlightens audiences with some of the best documentaries from around the world and we look forward to sharing this with a wider Australian audience.

    Openig Night -
    The Network

    Thursday, 17 OctoberThe Network. Oscar winning Australian filmmaker Eva Ornerartfully observes the hope and excitement as a television station is built from scratch in Afghanistan andexamines the power of television to reflect and challenge society.
    Fire in The Blood
    Sunday 20 October 2:00pm

    A highlight of the International Screenings is the Australian Premiere of Fire in the Blood (India, 2012), a sobering film about profit and compassion, which administers large doses of hope and despair. Director Dylan Mohan Gray explores the work behind bringing affordable treatments for HIV/AIDS to the world’s developing countries. The primary focus on the brave few who fought for justice and fairness shapes the film into a story not about business and law, but humans and humanity.
    Rent A Family
    Saturday 19 October 7:00pm

    Rent A Family Inc. (Denmark, 2012) is a tale of deceit, identity and tradition. The film provides a glimpse into the life of a Japanese man called Ryuichi with a business where he pretends to be your father, colleague or ex-husband, as well cast for your bigger events, such as weddings and funerals. With Ryuichi’s help, anyone can appear popular, loved, or can maintain a lie.
    After Tiller
    Saturday 19 October 3:30pm

    This haunting film delicately chronicles the confronting work of a group of doctors in America carrying out controversial third-trimester abortions, following the 2009 assassination of Dr George Tiller, pioneer of the process. Their tumultuous world of threats, unrelenting attacks and continuous ethical dilemmas unfolds through elegant observation and interviews in all its heart-wrenching emotion and tragedy.
    Expedition to the End of the WorldSunday 20 October 6:00pm

    Expedition to the End of the World (Denmark, 2013) travels the fjords of Northeast Greenland, carrying a diverse human cargo of artists and scientists. The discovery of a new species, debates about the meaning of life and a standoff with a polar bear are all in a day’s work for the crew. Exceptional music ranging from heavy metal to soaring orchestral pieces, compliments the sumptuous visuals in this utterly cinematic, humorous and enlightening adventure story.
    Closing Night -
    The Manor

    Sunday, 20 October
    The Manor. With aspirations to be a filmmaker, Shawney, the neurotic adult son of a strip club owner,turns the camera on his sleazy family business in The Manor(Canada 2013).This fascinating tragicomic family portrait chronicles theeccentric lives of his relatives – obese dad, anorectic mum, gigolo brother – as well as thecatty everyday dramas of the insalubrious working girls. The unique access Shawney'sintimate perspective affords leaves little to the imagination and his colourful cast ofcharacters is a true reminder that truth is far stranger than fiction.
    The Captain & His Pirate
    Friday 18 October 7:15pm
    Making its Australian premiere, The Captain and His Pirate tells the story of German freighter ‘Hansa Stavangar’, which was captured by pirates off the coast of Somalia. Krysztof Kotiuk, the captain in the film, is also a guest of the festival and will be available to answer questions following the screening.
    Terms & Conditions May Apply
    Friday 18 October 9:00pm

    Terms & Conditions May Apply (USA, 2012) explores the revelations about the many Orwellian ways personal data is observed, harvested, bought and sold. With the Edward Snowden case still making headlines, Terms And Conditions May Apply is nothing if not timely. The film argues that the biggest Internet players—Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc.—have become little more than glorified domestic spies for governments and Big Businesses.
    Stop Over
    Sunday 20 October 3:45pm

    Recently screening at Cannes 2013 and making its International premiere at Antenna, Stop-Over (Switzerland/France, 2013) offers an intimate look at life in limbo for a group of refugees from Iran. This portrayal of their lives at intense close quarters brings humanity and depth to what we normally encounter only as a statistic or a headline. The result is an immediate, articulate commentary on the dehumanising and stifling effects of this eternal wait.
    The Life & Crimes of Doris Payne
    Saturday 19 October 1:30p

    Award winning director Kirk Marcolina will also be a guest of the festival with his film The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne, which follows the life and crimes of a notorious jewel thief.