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Looking through a Glass Onion

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In this entertaining and candid interview filmed at the Tolarno Hotel in Melbourne's St Kilda; our team had the privilege of recording two of Australia's finest musician/entertainers in John Waters and Stewart D'Arrietta, talking frankly about the history, motivation and journey of their John Lennon show "Looking through a Glass Onion”.

Over a 22 year period this show has been successfully touring Australia and London’s West End with Stewart and John at the helm along with a three piece backing band. The difference in this season is that the show has been peeled back to it’s original grass roots beginnings with John on guitar and vocals and Stewart on the grand piano on stage weaving the magic. Another unique ingredient for 2014 is that after playing over 32 gigs around Australia ‘Looking through a Glass Onion’ will be finally landing in New York, a destination that both John and Stewart have desired from it's inception over 20 years ago .

Insightful, passionate and at times utterly hilarious, they share their stories, reflections and feelings on everything from John Lennon's life, his music and Yoko Ono to the meaning and motivation behind the show, easily riffing off each other like the old mates and fine raconteurs they are.

Finishing off with a stunning musical performance, this is a must-see, and an utter treat for both John Lennon fans and the uninitiated alike.

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John Waters and Stewart D'Arrietta at Tolarno Hotel in St Kilda Melbourne.

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  1. Liz Fletcher's Avatar
    Brilliant look behind the glass onion, John & Stewart are keeping the spirit alive, well done

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