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Rob Greaves

Dan Brown - INFERNO: a review

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ID:	9316Time to look at Dan Browns latest work - Inferno

More often than not my reviews, be they film, live show or book, tend to be on the long side when I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Conversely, when they are short the message becomes clear. This is the shortest review I have ever written!

Now Dan Brown has been the author of five books prior to his latest work, Inferno. Of these five books three have featured his uber hero, Robert Langdon. They were, "Angels and Demons"(2000), "The Da Vinci Code"(2003) and "The Lost Symbol(2009).

He was refining with Angels and Demons, hit the jackpot with the Da Vinci Code, and began to loose the plot with The Lost Symbol.

Inferno is tedious, boring and I had to work really, really hard to finish the book. In essence, Langdon awakes in hospital with amnesia. He becomes embroiled in the search for something that has been created by a brilliant but deranged scientist, and the clues and codes are based upon Dante's 'The Inferno'. The side plot involves a group that makes its money (huge amounts) by protecting people who want to remain hidden, in this case the 'mad' scientist.

Then the man's protectors suddenly are filled with 'dread' in regard to what they are really involved in, and seek to help Langdon, and his new 'side-kick' a woman called Sienna Brooks. They slowly and, and . . . slowly start to unravel the puzzle with the not so surprising conclusion (yawn!).

The problem is, the writing is uninspiring and the formula he uses? well, he has gone to the well one time too often. I kept reading hoping I would be challenged, but even the 'puzzles' held no interest.

I will admit, that about 90% of the way through the book, Brown manages to introduce a twist, but we always new he would, and it is because it is a decent twist that I added 1.5% to what would have been my otherwise rock-bottom rating.

Look, I believe you are wasting your time reading it, but if you feel you must, please don't buy it but borrow it from your library - and IF some crazy (or greedy) Film Producer ever decides to make a movie of it, I guarantee they have a rock solid flop!

Dan Brown - you need new inspiration, you need a new direction, maybe you need a 30 year holiday!

I hope my good friend Dezzy doesn't mind me using his 'film review' scale - but I rate it at 3.5 out of 10.

Remember 5/10 is good enough.
10/10 I can leave on the table player for several months and keep on reading it.
4/10 I go get a coffee and start looking for a new book.

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  1. dezzymckenna's Avatar
    I waded thru that 'Da Vinci Code' cos everyone else was. Dross!
    But I thought the Da Kath and Kim Code movie was well cool
    These books are for people on their first flight.
    Like your 'scale' too bro---D

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