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Rob Greaves

Casting The Runes ~ 2013

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2013 is almost with us, and as per usual we will be bombarded by all forms of predictions about what 2013 will bring. (Hey, hands up if you really thought the Mayans were correctly forecasting the end of the world!). So, I thought I might try my hand at it!
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The first thing I will declare is, that I do not believe the future is foretold. That is to say, I do no not believe that the Universe is a large clockwork type machine and that everything in it is balanced and thus, each action has a predetermined reaction. Another way of putting it is, that I do not believe in Pre-determinism.

The definition of determinism is “a philosophical idea that every event or state of affairs, including every human decision and action, is the inevitable and necessary consequence of antecedent states of affairs.” Thus Pre- determinism implies “that all the information in the universe today was implicit in the earliest moments of the universe. It is information conserving. It is consistent with the theological idea of God's foreknowledge.”

We do not live in a Universe that is anymore the result of the work of ‘God’, as it is ‘Newtonian’. It is also far easier to consider it as not so much as a continuing series of random events, but rather is a function of Quantum Mechanics. Now this is something I may follow up on in a later article, but suffice to say, I believe anything and everything is possible and may or may not happen and that we can never be certain that it does or does not happen until it is actually observed.

This is my very round-about way of saying, that in fact almost anything can and probably will happen in 2013, but that based upon observation of already occurring events, with a tad of imagination and a modicum of luck – I can make some statements about 2013 that will probably be close to the mark.

So here are my thoughts on what should occur in 2013, and they are certainly NOT in anything but a random order, as they bubble to the surface of my thoughts.

1. We will have a Federal Election, Labor will be thrown out of power and the Liberal & National Parties will win the election comfortably with Tony Abbott as Prime Minister. Within six months of his election it will be nearly impossible to find anyone who will admit to voting for him, in fact we may have to ask for a recount because on the surface, all of a sudden it will appear as though the majority of Australians actually voted for the labour party, but somehow their votes were inexplicably altered. It will not be a pretty 3 years of the new government.

2. Labor will make a serious comeback in State elections.

3. In the AFL – the Richmond Football Club will at last break their hoodoo and make the final 8.

In the ARL the Melbourne Storm will again win the premiership and begin to claw back the number of Premierships that the ARL stole from them.

5. The weather will continue to be extreme, and the (large) lunatic fringe will continue to decry the concept of Global Warming. Things will be bad in Australia, but Europe and the USA will have it even harder.

6. Australia will continue to have issues with illegal immigration through our boarders being breached by boats from Asia. The new Liberal-National Government will find new and innovative ways of blaming the outgoing Labor government for the mess, and will be unable to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the nation.

7. The Court system will come under even more pressure due to the continuing rise in violent assault, but the Courts will continue to protect the rights of the perpetrators and the victims will continue to suffer. This may give rise to vigilantism.

8. Melbourne’s Public Transport System will continue to ‘melt down’ and at the same time, the cost of operating private transport will continue to skyrocket.

9. There will be an increase in the number of people defaulting on their power bills, as electricity and gas use start to become the domain of the rich.

10. The Australian Economy will at the least stay stable, and may even continue to grow, but the outgoing Labor government will get no credit from the new Government.

11. Face book will continue to bring in more and better ‘user functions’ that will really start to piss the users off. More and more people will start to call out for an alternative, but really, we are pretty lazy and set in our ways, and Face book will continue to be the mainstay for Social Networking.

12. Apple will bring out the iPhone 6 and despite rumors it will not be in 3D, it will largely be more of the same, except the price, which will not come down. On the other side of the coin, Microsoft will start to get concerned with the rise of users migrating to the iMac.

13. There will be more large-scale massacres’ in the USA due to people going on rampages with semi-automatic weapons. There will be little change despite the cry for change (mainly from outside the USA), because the National Rifle Association will continue to convince people that the ‘right to bear arms’, overrides the’ right to live’. After all, they will bleat, “its people not guns that kill”. However, no one will be able to produce a weapon that has been used in a massacre that did not have a person at the other end of it!

14. The Catholic Church will continue to half-heartedly apologise for the ‘unfortunate’ incidents perpetrated against unwilling victims by certain people in the church. They will not use the term ‘molest’ and will not willingly give up the perpetrators.

15. Probably at least 50% of what I have indicated above will not happen (and that's bad news for Richmond football club supporters!), or if it does, it will be totally overlooked in bigger and more potent events – because no matter how smart we think we are, whether we read tea leaves, read tarot cards, use Astrology, indulge palmistry, use crystal balls, practice numerology, wave crystals along Ley lines or read the Quatrains of Nostradamus, the events on this planet will continue to amaze, sometimes baffle, sometimes inspire and sometimes fill us full of despair, but will remain largely unpredictable

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