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Marion Miller

The art of change

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Anderson Park, Hawthorn East

utumn has arrived, and we’re at the beginning of a transition. It is still warm in Melbourne, but soon we’ll see the changes in colour, falling of leaves, night-time coming earlier and the temperature getting notably cooler.

With all this natural change that sets in every year it’s a wise time to reflect if there are some things you might like to shed so you can grow in other ways.

The art of holding on and letting go is very personal but we all experience some form of this birth and death cycle regularly, some of us mindfully.

If you’re in doubt what to hold and what to let go, ask how does it serve you or others? Is it actually making a difference or is my narrative just been the ‘go to’ for so long it’s become a habit?

Narratives are the stories in your mind that you identify with and it’s freedom to know you get to choose, the more space you have in your mind the more creative freedom it allows you.

Many things we do in reaction to automatic thought, some people will live a lifetime this way but it’s good to really think about our time here and not to waste it reacting. Life is precious and it doesn’t last forever, it is only the moments we truly have and knowing our lifetime is impermanent helps you appreciate it more and hopefully contribute something that lives beyond your time here.

In recent talks I saw with Stephen Jenkinson on death and dying he suggested who we are is held in the minds and hearts of others and at our dying time we have the honour to make this event the greatest testament to our life because when we are gone in a physical sense who we are lives on in those whose lives we touched deeply. He also wisely suggests we live everyday knowing and acting upon this truth.

Sometimes getting to a place of living authentically requires fundamental change and other times it is a slight tweak or adjustment but there is always change. With me this was a major crisis unfolding, a complete life upheaval, transformation and now I have grown into my new skin and continue to live deeply with purpose.

When you’re struggling to make change on your own and/or just want that extra support to make you accountable, that’s where coaching and mindfulness practice can be really helpful especially since I have walked this path and still am.

Coaching and mindfulness make such a good team because the ‘space’ holds your intentions while you explore the present, the pathway and feel fully supported and accountable for showing up authentically to what arises.

Curious about either coaching or mindfulness? Here is a 20% off offer to Mindful over Matter 2016 next weekend; a great chance for you to experience it. The discount ends Sunday.

I have designed a workshop to introduce the practice of Mindfulness within a Life Coaching framework. I would love to see you all there but have limited numbers as this is an intimate group space.

Tickets: 20% Off BUY NOW

Location: Anderson Park Community Meeting Room, Hawthorn East

Time: 10-12

Date: 12/3

Key mindfulness learning and practice including:

  • becoming aware of thinking styles
  • look at how we relate to our experiences
  • body/breath mindfulness practice
  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • active listening
  • senses, anchoring positive emotion
  • Setting an intention

Please bring a note book and pen, cushion/mat, refreshments will be provided and there is free parking.

Lastly I leave you with a quote I saw posted recently.

“A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction and at such a speed… It feels an impulsion… this is the place to go now. But the sky knows the reasons and the patterns behind all clouds, and you will know, too, when you lift yourself high enough to see beyond horizons.”

~ Richard Bach

Have a great weekend,
Marion X
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