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Marion Miller

What’s love got to do with it?

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Love is what we all seek in some form or another, the desire of love makes us strive to go forth and the giving of it to ourselves and others is what makes us feel fulfilled. In love we feel whole and content. It is the hope and promise of love in your life that you are seeking and also have available within. In mindfulness practice we can access this wellspring of love we all have, now.

In love you’re nourished, you are home.

In mindfulness we call this loving state compassion and it begins with cultivating it for ones self, if you can foster compassion for yourself you begin to feel a gentle and genuine sense of belonging and acceptance with the present moment. Its a warm, loving safe space that protects you from the edges of life and perception has a lot to do with it. Because the edges and troubles can still be there but when you’re being compassionate they are softer and more easier to navigate.

3 ways to develop more compassion in your life are:

1. Try not to focus on your inner-critic. Do this by taking a gentle approach with yourself and don’t pay attention to your inner-critic that is just being fearful. Try being kind with yourself, sometimes the best way to practice this is imagine you’re a friend. Talk to yourself in a way you talk to your best friend, this will help you be more gentle and compassionate with yourself.

2. We all experience pain but suffering = pain X resistance, you won’t know you have pain if you are too busy problem solving, avoiding it or rationalising it. Being present in mindfulness you must allow pain to enter in without judgement. Notice your hurt and just be with it compassionately. Mindfulness allows you to be with the pain without the resistance, its a more self-loving state, softer, gentler.

3. Practice kindness like you brush your teeth or exercise. Imagine the suffering of someone else and reach out to lend them an unconditional loving hand. Imagine you’re in their shoes and think about what you would like and try doing that for the other person. A smile, a kind word, an errand or chore can really have a positive impact on another person who is suffering and help them see love and light through your kindness.

Mindfulness practice is a beautiful way to develop loving kindness toward yourself and others. Just by giving yourself time to be in your body, waves of awareness encapsulate you and soften everything, it gives you the space to be gentle and generate a compassionate approach with others.

Mindful over Matter is coming up on 12/3 and would love to see some of you there, we’ll be exploring mindfulness practice, active listening for inter-personal relationships and strategies for daily practice. There are still some places available.

Mindful Parenting the following weekend on the 19/3 is a workshop for Parents and Children, where we can practice all together and at the same time Parents can learn some great ways to guide their children’s practices creatively.

I’m in Hawthorn practice, 365 Burwood Road Hawthorn, Wednesdays and Fridays and some Mondays by appointment. I’m currently offering $20 off one on one Life Coaching and Mindfulness sessions when you refer a friend! I am working on building the practice this year and running regular Mindfulness classes for the community.

More information about this and my book launch soon!

I hope to see you there!

Marion x

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