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Crowdfunding Eco-crime novel La Mareta

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It is true that when I meet someone I find a little curious for whatever reason, I study them, absorb them, listen to their stories with avid ears knowing full well a version of them will end up in one of my books. I feel like a vulture picking over othersí characteristics. Still, that makes me no different from any other author. Iím currently casting for La Mareta, so watch out!!

Iím also crowdfunding to help bring La Mareta to fruition. Your pledge will help me fund the research side of the project. Like its predecessor, the acclaimed novel The Drago Tree, this new novel is set on the volcanic island of Lanzarote. Thatís over 40 hours travel time away! Iíll be hiring a car and driving around exploring the forts, castles, museums, galleries, caves, dams, wells, and of course, the maretas!

Hereís the Kickstarter campaign Iíve created. Thereís a freebie giveaway for every pledge. Iíll be acknowledging all pledges in the book. Ever grateful. :)

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