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Playing the Trump card

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Who saw this coming? This pitting of Islam against the West and it’s quasi-Christian infused secularism. Who knew that after WWII the next major global conflict a la WWIII would be seated in the Middle East?

What a fabulous find Donald Trump is for the American warmongers in this regard! They must be ecstatic. Fancy being able to roll him out to polarise debate and whip up hysteria and it’s counterpart, terror.

Trump is a symptom of a terrible malaise sweeping the world. Hatred.
And while all this murderous bullshit is going on, we’re wasting time. We should be in environmental damage control.

Islam is a beautiful faith, as practised by billions. It teaches what all major world faiths teach – Love. Poor love. It’s having to fight for its own survival on the world stage.

Donald Trump, Islam, New World Order, World War Three

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