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Rob Greaves

Jack Warren - Part I

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This is part 1 of a 3-part program on the Life & Times of 80-year-old Jack Warren. In this program Jack talks about his early years bought up in Londonís East End. The strength in his voice and the strength in his character belie his 80 years of age. Jack recalls life as a child and carries that story through the war years. Post WWII, Jack and his sister visit Paris, which immediately highlights for him the drabness he had left behind, along with the food shortages. Part 1 is full of personal observations and amazing stories. It suggests that Jack is a man who participates in life, rather than being a casual observer.

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Updated 24th December 2012 at 07:41 PM by Mick Pacholli

Rob Greaves , Listen To Older Voices


  1. Rob Greaves's Avatar
    Interesting addition to the graphics - certainly better than nothing!

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  2. Mick Pacholli's Avatar
    I'll style the player to it, and or develop alternative headers for the player mate. works for me, I just like the way the banner sits on the player

    The Title, a header, a Signature, only thing missing is Pics, But we can do that with Bud easy eh

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  3. Rob Greaves's Avatar
    Personally, it's a proportion thing for me. Is it possible to scale the player down a little, so the top pic isn't quite so squashed. Of course, i'm unaware of the finer points pertaining to the sizing of the player, and it's quite possible it has to be this size. I certainly don't see the overall size increasing. the concept is very good.

    Sorry we haven't connected, we ended up at friends, and I saw ur message on my iPhone, as i checked FB (a bit bored actually), then i have grabbed the hosts computer, but even now June is calling. So speak boxing day probably. Mick, thank u for everything, I know you apprecaite my efforts, but I appreciate yours no less.

    I hope you do have a most enjoyable Christmas, whatever you do. You are a great guy - and deserve to have at least one wonderful day away from the TT's ( I think you deserve more, but hey

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