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Marion Miller

Metafit + Mindfulness @ 2XU Hampton

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Metafit + Mindfulness @ 2XU Hampton, 8am Saturday the retail store floor transformed to a workout studio for Metafit + Mindfulness a new mind/body fitness concept delivered by Blue Sky Fitness and Melbourne Coach in their high performance 2XU compression gear.

Local ladies, men, children and even a bubba filled the space ready train. Mats laid down, stretches, then boom the music started and trainer Niki got the pace started easing everyone into the workout.

Metafit is a faced paced workout designed to ramp up metabolism and engage the whole body in a workout that burns fat, works big muscle groups with a simple choreographed high intensity workout for quick results.

Metafit + Mindfulness @2XU Hampton was a success, when Bianca the boss lady at BSF got going in PT mode, like G. I. Jane she walked the room encouraging the group to push that little bit harder, sprint, jump, drop to the floor and back up again, everyone broke a sweat! With Niki up front leading through the countdown to the next challenge it was GO, GO, GO!

Then it was over to Marion to guide the group into a gentle, nurturing cool down with a ‘body scan meditation,’ using the breath to anchor the minds focus on the body. Mindfulness helps build self awareness, reduce stress and enhance quality of thought. A body scan is a suitable mindfulness training exercise after a such an intense workout and a perfect cool down from Metafit.

A special thank you to Simone at 2XU Hampton and all the sponsors of the Metafit + Meditation 2XU hampton event including

In Balance Sports Therapy | Head to Toe Health Care | Lynn Vedelsby Kinesiology | Holy Bowly Superfood Bar | Brazilian Beauty Hampton |

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