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The Bondi Hipsters. Proof that nothing's as funny as taking yourself seriously.

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I don't know where you're reading this, maybe in one of the capital cities of Australia, maybe overseas in Europe, the USA or even in Asia?

But I'll take a bet that wherever you are it's hard to avoid this subcultural group?
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You guessed it. The Hipster, the urban, quasi intellectuals, who, like every subculture before them, try so hard to look like individuals, they look exactly the same as each other. And in the race to fall into line with their mates (Mind you I don't know if mate's a word a real hipster would actually use? Please dispute or discuss at your leisure) are helping fashion labels and retail outlets make a fortune.

As well as driving up sales of fixie pushbikes, craft beers, artisan bread and rolls, soy based beverages, and skinny legged jeans the hipsters are providing a boon for the tattoo industry. Originally the domain of motorcycle clubs, waterside workers, musicians and prisoners, tattoo parlours appear now to be doing a roaring trade in full body ink work for the beautiful young things embracing hipsterism. That said I'm thinking a tattoo removal clinic could be a lucrative investment opportunity in the future.

For the male hipster facial hair also appears to be the must have fashion item, and I don't mean a bit of five o'clock shadow. We're talking about the full bushranger or frontiersman. In fact a new title's been recently created for this, the lumbersexual.

I could spend hours taking the piss out of hipsters, and to be honest I've already done so on more than one night out. But it's refreshing to see that this is now being done for us.
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Meet Adrian and Dom. Better know as the Bondi Hipsters.

If you want to see more of them in action you can find them here.

From the clothing, to the hairstyles, to the vocal inflection, these guys exude hip. Anyone who isn't part of their social group is looked down upon as inferior, old, and particularly out of style.

And following in the tradition of Jeannie Little (Remember her?), and even HG & Roy, the Bondi Hipsters have become the in demand satirical spokespeople for TV lifestyle programs, and radio stations targeting the youth market.

When you watch the videos, and follow the efforts of Dom and Adrian in setting up their offbeat (translate that as crap) fashion label and their continuing complaints about celebrities and the state of the environment, you also see the hypocrisy of their actions. They want to sell clothes, which most people wouldn't be seen dead in, but are so obnoxious they repel any prospective customers. They bitch about the clothes worn by A, B and C grade celebrities but really wish they could hang with them. And of course they boast about their organic lifestyle, while surrounded by a sea of cigarette butts, empty booze bottles, and by all appearances enough narcotics to keep a 70's rock band, along with their entourage of roadies, smiling for a month.

The Bondi Hipsters are bloody funny and the team behind them have worked hard to ensure they stay that way. That success has led to the airing of "Soul Mates" on ABC 2, looking at the adventures of the Bondi Hipsters though human history. It sounds strange as I write that, so instead of spending hours explaining it I suggest you have a look yourself.

The Bondi Hipsters are Nick Boshier and Christiaan Van Vuuren.

Nick Boshier came to online fame, or infamy with this character.

From there his next claim to fame was "Beached Az".

For Christiann Van Vuuren the path to the Bondi Hipsters was one which came with the threat of death.

In 2009 Van Vuuren was diagnosed with Tuberculosis, and eventually spent six months in complete quarantine.

To pass the time he created "The Fully Sick Rapper".

Over the next few months his posts online from quarantine attracted global audiences, and from there, with the assistance of his brother Connor, the beginnings of what well may be a grassroots online media phenomenon were born. I pull up short of predicting it will happen, but looking at the work they're doing I think it's a fair bet. I certainly hope so.

Watching the clips from the Bondi Hipsters what you notice as well as the humour, is the production. They are well made, well shot and well written. And if you have read more than one of my posts here you will know that I believe good production values will always pay off.

I look forward to seeing what they come up with next.

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