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ASYLUM - a novel in weekly parts!!!

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Check out the 4th instalment of my serialised novel, Asylum.

Seeking asylum from the wreckage of her life, Yvette Grimm arrives in Australia on a holiday visa. She applies for permanent residency with no hope of success. Resisting advice that she marry to stay in the country, Yvette invests her hopes in a palm-reader’s prophecy that she would meet the father of her children before she’s thirty. She’s twenty-nine.

Set in the excoriating heat of an endless Perth summer, Asylum is a gripping tale of one woman’s struggle to stay in Australia. Dark, absurd and hilarious by turns.

In which Yvette battles on in her dismal Maylands flat and makes an unexpected discovery…


With a mug of tea in hand, Yvette was sitting on the balcony floor, back against the wall, warming her legs in the morning sun, squinting at the small ads in the local newspaper she’d grabbed in the supermarket yesterday. A Turkish café in Leederville was looking for waitresses. She pushed aside her misgivings, based on a rather superficial loyalty to the original inhabitants of her beloved island, Malta. She’d acquired a tendency to be wary of all things Turkish, largely from Carlos who held a number of bombastic prejudices, especially towards those descendants of the Ottoman Empire. She knew at the time her attitude was ludicrously inconsistent. Following that path, she ought to be wary of the French, the Lebanese and anyone from England. And she was hardly inclined to be wary of herself...

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