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Free Novel!!!! Asylum - Part Two

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…in which Yvette confronts the squalor of her friend Thomas’ flat…

Yvette stood in the aisle beside her back-row seat. Behind her the other passengers jostled for a place in the tightly-packed queue. After a ten-hour bus ride, another hour in transit to Tullamarine airport, and a tedious three hour wait for a smooth four-hour flight across the desert guts of Australia, her skin felt dirty and Special and she hankered for somewhere, anywhere, quiet, cool and still.

Instead, the steward opened the plane’s rear door and Perth greeted Yvette with a gust of hot, dry air. November, and it must have been a hundred degrees.

The heat was at once exotic and familiar, the heat Yvette grew up with in Perth, the sort of heat she craved all those years in London, the heat that drew her to Malta. Heading for the shelter of the concrete and glass building across the tarmac, she felt exhilarated, until memory stabbed its black through her head and, for a few seconds, she was light-headed. She breathed deeply and stared down at the tarmac. She was back at primary school. How she loathed that school. More than anything she loathed morning assembly.

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