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This is not a Love Song

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Writer and star of This is not a Love Song

I’ve been following Greg Fleet’s performances for a few years now and last night I was in the audience of This is not a Love Song, a semi auto biographical stage performance written and co performed by Greg as a contributor to this years Fringe Festival.

It so happened that my ears pricked when I heard Greg being interviewed the day before on 774 and I was inspired to go have a look in.

Being tight arse Tuesday, most of the seats were occupied which is always a great start to any live performance.

Most people that have experienced any of Greg’s performances over the decades would concur that Greg is indeed quick witted and articulate and exudes what often appears as an unshakeable confidence. Last night was no exception.

Cleverly pieced together, incorporating songs and music from iconic artists such as The Pretenders, Men at Work and Mr Sunshine himself Darryl Braithwaite the play reflects a young couple’s romantic notions and struggles for intimacy and individual expression during the eighties when sex, drugs and rock n roll ruled the collective psyche.

And yes, this play is a cross dimensional musical delivering top performances that effectively collide and synchronise.

As always very clever and entertaining. Congratulations to cast and crew.

The ensemble includes writer/performer Greg Fleet, director/performer Tegan Mulvany, actor Shane Adamczak and musical genius Michael de Grussa.

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This Is Not A Love Song

Fringe Hub - Meeting Room - North Melbourne Town Hall 521 Queensberry St
North Melbourne, Victoria

DATES: 19-30 Sept and 1-4 Oct
TIME: 8.00pm, Sun 7.00pm (60min)


Full: $26
Concession: $21
Tightarse Tuesday: $16
Group: $16

TO BOOK visit or call (03) 9660 9666

0419 001 068

by Kerrie Pacholli

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