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Downhill to Galilee

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BREAKING NEWS FROM THE GREENS: The Abbott Government has just approved Australia’s LARGEST coal mine, two weeks after abolishing the country’s first climate laws. They just don’t get climate change. The coal from Adani’s Carmichael mine would be equivalent to almost one quarter of Australia’s total emissions – a climate disaster! This mega mine would also destroy 20,000 ha of native bushland, use 12 billion litres of Queensland’s groundwater per year and threaten the endangered black-throated finch with extinction. No vision, no heart, definitely no science.

My response is of course Abbott approved the mine. The Galilee Basin has been doomed from the first. He'll do anything to appease the Mining Giants. And with Palmer so placed in parliament holding the balance of power in the Senate, this approval was inevitable all along. Everything else is window dressing compared to this. Even if that window dressing is vile in itself (asylum seeker policy, the budget and so on). You can change a social policy. You can't undredge a port, or unmine a mine. And I say to any doubters who think the land and the Great Barrier Reef will be okay, go see the Appalachians where over 500 peaks have been blasted to smithereens to access the coal beneath. To say nothing of the Canadian tar sands.

How is it possible to be optimistic when things like this just keep on happening? To my mind the only answer is to squeeze shut your eyes. And if you do that, then you are as much a part of the problem for doing nothing about it. I never want to come across as a dour and grumpy old crone, but I really am struggling to shake the heavy off my heart.

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Updated 1st September 2014 at 01:08 AM by Mick Pacholli

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