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Bryan Taylor

Political Correctness Gone Mad

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I was reading an article in the paper last week involving John Mangos and my reaction was this PC nonsense is really getting out of hand.
I was born in Sydney of unknown parentage in 1945 at the end of World War 2. My mother`s name, according to the limited information I have been able to obtain, was Taylor. Father ? Just a line through that section. That means I might have some English blood in me. The rest who knows ? Could be anything. This does not worry me in the slightest as I am a human being and what blood that runs through my veins and my ancestral background does not matter.

I feel the same about other human beings. I don`t care what colour their skin is or where they were born or where their parents come from. The only thing that matters to me is how they treat me and how we communicate with each other. So surely we can have a joke between ourselves and maintain a sense of humour. I grew up in Sydney in the 50`s when the intake of migrants, in comparison to our population, was quite high. My friends at school were a mixture of kids from a variety of races including German, Polish, English, Italian, Greek, Yugoslav and several other nationalities.

This did not worry us and name calling according to their background was a daily occurrence. All we ever did was laugh and get on with it. We were all as bad as each other. Nobody took it to heart. Nobody had a nervous breakdown. In fact after school we would gather in the local park and kick a soccer ball around. This was at a time when soccer was called “wog” ball. .
Even today my ethnic and indigenous friends still take the mickey out of each other and themselves. So why is it with today`s attitudes we are out of order when we make what are meant to be humorous remarks we are labelled as racists. What ever happened to “stick and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me”.

I do not believe in putting people down and I am totally against any kind of bullying.

But please let` s not lose our sense of humour completely.

Soon we won`t even be able to call an apple an apple because it`s GREEN

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Bryan Taylor