• Bluetooth Asset Tracking Solution: How to use it more effectively?

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    Understandably, asset tracking is something that can be very costly and time consuming. One of the best methods for tracking is simply-unified.com.au, which makes it incredibly simple. Since the system was built, developers mainly aimed at decreasing the cost whilst making it more effective. There are several factors that add to the cost and they can be broken down into the following three categories:

    • Cost of the tag
    • Cost of infrastructure
    • Cost of labor

    Bluetooth is the best option because it significantly decreases the tag cost.


    In this field, it is incredibly important to know where assets are at all times. Bluetooth can help supervisors and workers keep track of where assets are at all times, making their work much easier. This increases effectiveness by saving time through decreasing errors and finding the fastest routes to anywhere the assets have to be delivered.
    Employees can find their way quickly around large areas and navigate with much more ease. Live tracking ensures that nothing is delayed or goes missing before it reaches its destination, thus solving one of the biggest problems in manufacturing.

    Employee tracking

    As it progresses, at some point in the future, Bluetooth asset tracking will be able to help track employee hiring processes and performance. This means it’ll be able to help you set meetings, trigger the projector and turn on the AC during an ongoing conference, as well as alert others that the room is currently occupied. This is another take on artificial intelligence and can be considered a slightly less extensive branch of it, which means that with its progression, its uses will be almost endless.
    Not only this, but a system this efficient will be completely affordable.


    It is quite obvious how, in the health sector, quick access to information is the most important thing. It is an absolute necessity in order for the administration to run smoothly.
    Not only this, but doctors will be able to keep track of the patient’s vitals and get information on them much more easily. Valuable and expensive equipment will be easily protected and kept an eye on without having to worry about it getting lost. Bluetooth can help in data generation and the already mentioned issues with ease, making the healthcare sector a lot more efficient than it currently is.


    Adding an extra layer of security to ensure safety for any assets places anywhere never hurt anyone. This would mean that logistics and transport assets can be stored in even remote places easily, without fear of them being harmed or stolen because they will always be kept an eye on. This means we can make better use of places that were previously only used as storage space. It is reliable and caters to our needs, meaning you can place assets where it’s most practical at any given time and move them when it is convenient. This will make transporting processes a lot simpler and quicker.
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