• Why people opt to vape without nicotine

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      If you donít know the actual term for it you have definitely seen people using e-ciggs before on the streets. Vaping refers to the act of using an e-cig to administer an e-liquid to the user. These e-liquids can contain nicotine as well as a number of different flavours. This trend differs from traditional smoking as you arenít burning tobacco to create smoke. Instead the e-cig heats up the liquid and turns it into a vapour that can be inhaled.

      As e-liquids can come with or without nicotine you may be wondering why people would necessarily ďsmokeĒ without the hit of it. Below we are going to explore why people opt to vape without nicotine in their e-liquids.

      It may be illegal in their country/state

      For starters e-liquids that contain nicotine can be illegal in many countries and states. A good example is Australia being that they have banned the use, possession and sale of these substances altogether. This is because it is classified as a poison and can damage the natural environment. There are however ways to get these e-liquids into the country if you have a medical prescription and import them from overseas.

      Due to nicotine being illegal in some countries may people still want to try out the craze without the legal implications. The other variants however arenít illegal and are commonly used amongst the vaping community.

      Flavour chasers

      The collective of people who vape for the flavour sensation are known as flavour chasers. They donít tend to use nicotine in their e-liquids as it takes away from the overall flavour of the vapour that you are getting. Additionally these e-liquids can make you short of breath causing you to stop vaping. People who vape for the flavour hit will generally inhale more than a nicotine user as they arenít doing it for that throat hit so they can go as long as they desire.

      Flavour chasers is also a common entry point into the trend for people who are new to the craze. People are hesitant to try these sorts of products if they havenít in the past. Because of this they will more than likely try the other variants before they jump straight into the alternate e-liquids.

      Cloud chasers

      Many people start off as flavour chasers to get into the culture of vaping but a die-hard subculture refer to themselves as cloud chasers. Cloud chasers are all for the tricks and thick clouds that vaping can offer. Social media has made this trend very popular as people want to learn how to do these tricks and thus get into it for themselves.

      Cloud chasers also tend to use nicotine free e-liquid as it affects the overall thickness of the clouds that you can produce. The liquids also have little to no flavour as well as the hobby is all about blowing thick clouds rather than doing it for a flavour or throat hit. Additionally to be able to produce clouds to the same calibre as some of the Instagram influencers takes a lot of time and practice.

      This means that you will be using your e-cig a lot and as we previously stated the other chemicals can leave you short of breath.

      Cloud chasers also have strong belief for the modding of their devices. Vape mods are very common in this community as it is all about getting the thickest clouds. There is a huge market for these modifications as well as content creators making videos to help other like-minded people how to use them and install them on their own devices.

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