• The Mobile Marketing Boom

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      We live in an exciting digital age where mobile devices are almost everywhere you look. Most of us have some form of portable device from which we access the internet for information, products and services.

      So, what is mobile marketing?

      This branch of digital marketing involves various strategies to allow an organization to communicate in an interactive way to their audience (us mobile users!). The aim is to be as engaging as possible to build up a great image of the brand to drive traffic and sales.

      According to SEO Shark, the Australian SEO company over the past decade ‘mobile marketing’ has quickly evolved into a rather specific form of digital marketing, optimizing for the moving consumer. The growth in smartphones and tablet-type devices is a major force behind this. Did you know that in 2015, there was an estimate of 7.1 billion worldwide mobile subscriptions? At the time that equated to about 96% of the global human population! This is has only continued to grow, and will keep doing so.

      Many advertising agencies have dedicated much of their budget over the last 5 years to monitoring these trends, and rightfully so, for keeping up with these seems imperative to the success of today’s marketing strategies. For example, these game-changing trends...

      • An estimate of 23 billion SMS messages were sent per day in 2015
      • Since 2011, SMS messaging traffic has declined, while there has been a rise in newer messaging tools such as Facebook Messenger, Apple iMessage and WhatsApp...
      • The combined messaging traffic of these exceeded 100 trillion in 2017

      It has been strongly suggested by Damian Ryan that among all mobile services, messaging is at the heart of this technology. That is, in comparison even to general internet access, search, applications, location-based services, and so forth. However the mobile marketing industry needs to be adaptive as things change, and fast...

      Marketers need to shift in order to continue optimizing user experience, however they choose to engage with their mobile devices. That may be, say, as alarm clocks, or other form of utility or entertainment.

      With an idea about mobile marketing and its scope in mind, the next question is...what are the benefits ? Honestly, the list could go on, but here are our top 3 picks.

      1. Get your brand known

      At the centre of any marketing strategy sits the virtue of building brand awareness, as familiarity is one of the most powerful forces driving humans to choose a product or service over those they don’t know.

      Mobile marketing is a great way of boosting brand awareness, with an InsightExpress study suggesting it’s up to 5 times more effective than other ‘online’ avenues. And there seems to be growing evidence for this success...

      • Radioshock - case study claims there has been an 8.4% increase in brand awareness following some of the company’s forward mobile marketing campaigns (dating back to 2008).
      • R2 - research found more that mobile marketing is crucial in promo for 3/4’s of businesses

      1. Connecting online communities

      Brands can also foster online networks of people, or weave into pre-existing digital communities, for instance on Facebook. These become a great forum for marketers to reach and constructively engage with their target audience.

      Doing this entails of it’s own advantages such as obtaining genuine insights to what The human desire for new and better things, like a latest release tablet, adds fuel to marketing fire.

      1. Creating personalized brand experiences

      User-specific data is the go right now. We certainly like having real-time, location-specific services at our fingertips.

      Demographic and preference data is collected from user profiles and in-app behaviours and used to target messages and content to specific users. Clever, huh?

      When mobile marketing strategies Jump on board with this personalization, they can deepen and broaden their understanding of what their customers want. A win-win situation.

      Oh, and did we mention that mobile marketing is evolving, and fast?! We are definitely keen to see what’s coming up in this landscape. Marketing strategies are going to continue booming and changing with new technologies and user habits.
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