• How green banana flour can revitalise your digestive health

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      Many people are looking for healthier alternatives to wheat flour and gluten. Gluten intolerances have risen significantly in recent decades and there is now growing evidence to support the claim that high-gluten diets can have negative effects on one’s health and wellbeing.

      However, it can be really difficult to find suitable, convenient alternatives to the major flours, particularly for those individuals who are constantly struggling to find time throughout their busy schedules. They might use some great restaurants or prepare the food by themselves.
      Many people who are short on time are continuing to cook at home using quick recipes made from HelloFresh’s healthy ingredients that can be delivered to their front door. This means there is no need to waste time at the shops scanning the aisles for expensive, healthy alternatives.
      One healthy alternative that is gaining some traction in health circles is green banana flour. So, let’s check out some of its benefits and explore what the hype is all about.

      What is green banana flour?

      Green banana flour is derived from exactly what you’re thinking – green bananas! It’s not a common household item and there’s a good chance that you’ve never even heard of it. It is simply the yield of green bananas that are under-ripe.
      It has a slight banana flavour, however, if it is baked, it is almost non-existent. This means that even if you’re not a fan of bananas, you can still enjoy cooking with banana flour. It’s also suitable for vegans, being made from banana.


      There’s a lot of discussion surrounding the need for society to move towards both sustainable energy sources and sustainable food sources. So what’s the good news? Green banana flour is a sustainable choice. This is because all those under-ripe bananas, which are often discarded because they cannot be housed properly, can be turned into an economical flour source.

      Three different fibres

      One of the big advantages of green banana flour is that it contains a huge amount of fibre. This can be really helpful for those needing to improve their digestive health or who are suffering from digestive problems such as constipation. Green banana flour contains around 50g of resistant starch, which is the highest amount found in any food.

      Resistant starch is a fermentable fibre, meaning it travels through your intestines undigested. This can help reduce the glycaemic count of many foods, meaning your blood sugar levels won’t cop an unnecessary spike. Generally, resistant starch is diluted during the cooking process because of the high temperature. Fortunately, because green banana flour is cooked on a low-heat, you’re not losing much of that fibre! It also contains insulin and insoluble fibre, which are prebiotics that can help the quality of your digestion.

      Lots of minerals

      Green banana flour is full of really healthy minerals. Banana flour contains things like zinc, magnesium, phosphorous and manganese. Zinc is really important for boosting your immune system, magnesium is great for muscle recovery and sleep, while phosphorous is really helpful in cell replenishment and your cardiac health. To top it all off, manganese is really good in influencing your metabolism, calcium absorption and weight loss.

      Gluten-free and grain-free

      Green banana flour is great for those with coeliac disease or for those who choose to not eat gluten because of the potential negative consequences. Banana flour is really good for those adhering to a paleo diet, a vegan diet or vegetarian based diet. On top of this, it features no gluten irritants that can upset your stomach or digestive system. It’s also easy to learn to cook with!

      More economical

      Green banana flour can also save you a lot of money. Because of its really high starch content, you’ll find that most serving sizes are generally 25-30% less than the amount of wheat flour you would use for the same activity. This means that you’ll find yourself buying less flour than you would have to when buying wheat flour.

      Lower cholesterol

      Whether you’re adding it to your smoothies or protein shakes for your daily activities, or just adding it as a thickener in your soups, green banana flour has been linked to lower levels of cholesterol. Indeed, a diet that includes the daily consumption of green banana flour has been linked to the lowering of cholesterol and improvements in metabolic syndromes.
      Those who have struggled to lose weight have found that the nutrients in green banana flour has improved their metabolism and increased their relative weight loss.
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