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    Oliver, I’m just a messenger
    you say your heart will go on
    far above the ocean
    some people will never stop
    waiting for the right wave
    to surf to shore
    to reach you I wrote a song

    For the love of a father
    who has come back from war
    to his beloved son
    who doesn’t seem to want to know
    across the distance
    there are shared truths
    though it seems what lies at Torquay
    talking cannot undo

    As children we see
    with pure love
    you say with wisdom
    beyond your years
    we grow up to
    to be a child again
    or would it be
    the change we want to see

    In veiled moments
    on St Kilda beach
    I’ve seen his eyes
    on father’s day
    search the horizon
    his broken, beautiful voice
    the silent phone
    I know he waits for you

    Raija 12/6/2017

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