• Editorial: The End Of An Era For Us ~ But The Start Of A Better One

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      One door closes but a brighter one opens

      On November 11th 2010 Publisher Mick Pacholli revived the original paper-based Toorak Times which had commenced in the 1970's by his father Jack, as a multimedia on-line paper.

      It is common knowledge that Jack Pacholli was not looked upon favourably by the law, the establishment and even by other publications. Jack Pacholli was his own man and he saw the need for a paper to get out and "say' what other elements of the media were not able or willing to say.

      Several years after the death of the first incarnation of the Toorak Times, Mick saw the need and the opportunity of an on-line paper based around the concept of "Citizen Journalism".

      His idea was to bring together creatives in all forms of the media as well as to connect with the citizens in the local areas around Melbourne and to combine their talents and interests to present issues and matters that were of interest to them and not, what the large regulated dailies told the people was important.

      So the Toorak Times [version 2] - this one, was born.

      It has gone on from strength to strength and while the journey has been long and sometimes difficult, Mick refused to cave in to making the Toorak Times pay subscriber based and has keep it as a free paper.

      I joined Mick about 6 months after he started on-line publishing and as time went on we kept inviting and encouraging the people in the 'burbs - to contribute through blogs and articles about the things that were important to them, be it news, music, events or any form of the arts.

      In the latter years we tapped into the science, education, health and business world to bring issues and articles which would better inform people of things and discoverers that the mainstream media breezed over.

      Mick reintroduced Australia's best known and most comprehensive and successful "gig guide and arts information mag" of the 70's & 80's - TAGG, as an on-line publication with a separate site to that of the Toorak Times.

      However, while the publishing software platform that is used to publish TAGG continued to be refined and be developed to provide a fuller and richer on-line experience, sadly the software used to publish the Toorak Times failed to keep pace with the needs and demands of online multimedia devices.

      So, over time we has been co-publishing the material published on the Toorak Times, on TAGG, in it's own Toorak Times section.

      Now the time has come to complete the process and as of tomorrow - April 1st 2017, it is time to bring together the two publications together, through TAGG, in order to allow for a better development of the Toorak Times.

      This site that you are on now will no longer publish but will remain available, as an archive site because over the many years it has been in operation it has become the repository of many fabulous stories, a fantastic collection of music and arts reviews, and, the podcasting archive home of the popular interview program - Listen To Older Voices.

      There will probably be teething issues in our integration of the publications but in the end the objective is to provide a better experience for both our readers and contributors through the new integrated Toorak Times [version 3] and TAGG publication.

      We hope all our readers will move across with us.

      Rob Greaves - [Senior Editor,Toorak Times]
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