• Victory - Shooters banned from killing waterbirds

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      Is this the beginning of the end of the slaughter?

      BREAKING NEWS: Shooters have been banned from four of Victoria’s most popular wetlands, including the Koorangie Game Reserve where we reported live from last week — and where hundreds of native waterbirds were massacred or left for dead over ‘opening weekend’.

      The decision came just hours after Animals Australia lodged the most extensive legal complaint to date, detailing shocking cruelty and illegal shooter behaviour last weekend. And the bodies of 1,200 birds left for dead and rescued by brave volunteers from Coalition Against Duck Shooting have made this wildlife catastrophe impossible to ignore.

      Tragically, this closure comes too late to save the dozens of ‘protected’ Freckled and Blue-billed ducks who were slaughtered in just two days of shooting, but thousands more waterbirds will now find safe haven in the wetlands.

      This is a great win for animals, but we still have work to do. Get all the details and join us as we continue the fight against this 'recreational' slaughter of wildlife:

      This information was provided by Animals Australia