• Tim Finn : White Cloud at Fairfax Studio

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      It is January 2017 and Fairfax Studio in Melbourne’s Art Centre is full of Tim Finn, Split Enz and Crowded House fans. A little older and perhaps wiser.

      The show is White Cloud: a Tim Finn, Ken Duncum and Sue Healey collaboration.

      This production has circled the globe with success for quite a while. Like all great performances and musical scores it is received by this audience with reverence and love.

      Tim Finn enters the stage confident, comfortable looking strong and very handsome underneath his signature shock of white curles. Also on stage are his guitar, ukulele, grand piano, wooden flute and his supremely talented accompanying guitarist who follows his every move, note and syllable.

      Tim Finn is an outstandingly gifted composer, pianist, musician, storyteller and poet and I cannot get my eyes of this man and his creative genius.

      The music is exquisitely emotive giving voice to ancestors and the land of his birth. The synchronicity between Tim, his accompanist and the home movies filmed by his father some 50 plus years ago compels me to becoming part of this ethereal tapestry...

      Only playing for two more days. Click to book your ticket Tim Finn: White Cloud.

      by Kerrie Pacholli @ pationpics.com
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