• R.L. Buller & Son Calliope Museum Release

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      RutherglenRare Liqueur Tokay(375ml)

      $100.00(For something so old, this is dirt cheap)

      This was the wine of the day - we had been drinkingsome fine wines indeed. However this wine at $100.00(375ml) was a filthy, dark, unclean rusty olive green,old fence post colour with the stench of 100 years ofdecay about it.

      Dare I say it - There was an orgy of flavours exploding inmy face, my nostrils filled with the smell of concentratedold Tokay molasses, treacle, raisins, honey, all backedup with a very old brandy spirit and I still have to get theglass to my lips.

      Once you get over the wonderful perfume this wine hasto offer. Take a sip of this intense deep old wine.Rich flavours of woody candied fruit, dark coffee, brandywith an orange twist all intertwined around an all mostoverwhelming Tokay flavour that filled my mind andtastebuds for a lot longer than it took to drink this 375mlbottle of wine and thats the truth.I know there is only a hand full of fortified wine drinkersstill alive to this day. I know this for a fact as I have soldonly 1 bottle of this wine in the past twelve months.

      And I state this every time I write about a sticky or a portor the likes of this stunning Tokay.There is a new generation of wine drinkers that aremissing out on some of the most intensely wonderfulflavours that wine has to offer and its a crying shame.Oh well such is life, it seams like its up to me and theother 3 people in Melbourne to drink what's left of thisstunning wine.


      Michael Lillis
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