• What is Life Coaching?

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      Life Coaching with Marion is a partnership and conversation usually with professionals and people who want to make changes either individually or in group coaching. During coaching the focus is on uncovering and improving mindset and behaviours intentionally.

      Coaching sessions go for 1 hour and usually are in packages of 6 at my Hawthorn practice or groups facilitated at your place of work. What is Life Coaching all about?

      During sessions we sometimes focus on the following:

      1. Identify your strengths and successes.
      2. Identify your core values.
      3. Identify goals/vision.
      4. Clarify your personal brand (a combo of 1 2 3), your purpose, your passion.
      5. Visualise, plan, write and practice speaking your new script. This can involve reframing long held limiting beliefs about yourself.
      6. Write goals for homework and take action steps toward achieving them.
      7. Learn mindfulness for stress relief and building resiliency.
      8. Tweak strategy, explore perspectives on obstacles you may face during the process.

      Life Coaching DIP study is a combination of Psychology and Business Training and with Mindfulness Practice weaved into my programs I help clients get more in touch with everything they have available to them in the moment and move from a striving for success mindset toward a successful one now. Life coaching is an empowering investment you make in yourself.

      Want to try Life Coaching? Sign up to http://eepurl.com/bdZgdn and get $50 off your intro session.
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