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      This is the very first post in our brand new blog "Jamie & Judy's Star Quality Adventures". We hope you'll come back often, or subscribe to our soon to be posted RSS feed, to help you stay aware of all that's happening at Star Quality Performing Arts, and to enjoy some entertaining moments starring our fabulous young students.

      We had such a terrific day at the school yesterday, meeting some really cool brand new students and parents - and renewing our great relationships with current students we hadn't seen since just before Christmas. There was quite a lot of fun and laughter as usual, and the lessons were very much enjoyed - with our fantastic teachers Renae Shadler and Stephanie Smith taking the dance teaching honors.

      I, of course taught singing and performance, and my beautiful Judy happily handled the extremely busy reception area.
      The kids did really well in their vocal and performance lessons with me - and here are a few highlights you should enjoy (leave a positive comment or two if you like - the kids will love you for it !)

      Shannelle did so well considering she wasn't feeling too well at all - a terrific little girl with a great future in show business if she wants it.

      In the above image you can see Miss Stephanie helping little Celine - and giving her the confidence to try it herself not too long after - a very cute little girl with a lovely nature.

      The image above shows the students having quite a bit of fun in their class ...
      Our next video is of brand new little student Pandora doing incredibly well in her very first tap class ever ...

      Of course we met some unreal new students/parents as I mentioned earlier - two such people moving to Melbourne from Canberra not too long ago, and signing up at Star Quality .....

      And we do have some terrific young lads at the school too. Here's one who told me only yesterday that his plan was to one day be in a group like One Direction.
      Take a look at the video ...... because he's such a great little student (Darby), that he might just get there too ! ( he pays great attention and already applies many of the vocal tricks and hints I give him in class)
      Another great thing is that all of the girls at Star Quality just love the little bloke ..... and he doesn't mind saying that he likes a few of them either !!!

      Had another great day today teaching the students, and at times the kids come up with some very funny things - which occasionally you catch on camera !

      In our acting class I like to teach the kids about television and event hosting and presentation. It's quite a lot of fun to watch the kids grow in confidence as much as they do. One fabulous little soul is relatively new to the school but improving in leaps and bounds in both singing and acting (quite a natural acting talent). Here she is (Angelique) - and although the video quality isn't all that good (camera was playing up a little that day) - she does very well pretending to host a mythical television cartoon show dedicated to our old pal, Bugs Bunny ..

      It was cute at the end, when the look on Angelique's face clearly seemed to say "gee, ... I hope that was ok", especially given the fact that after only a few lessons she pretty much nailed it, lol

      Another very nice day today with quite a few new little faces brightening up the studio again.

      Two such little angels we have a very special bond with .....

      Do you see the family resemblance ???? No ???? Ah well, better for them I suppose ...
      Here they are having lots of fun in their first ever class ... (they couldn't stop giggling and were so excited)

      Cute little guy's aren't they ???? And lots of fun too ...

      We're incredibly excited to announce that our long anticipated children's group I've been working on is to be revealed later this year.
      The songs are very catchy and lots of fun, and the characters themselves are sure to endear themselves very quickly to all who meet them.
      I'm not entirely knew to children's entertainment or happy colorful characters as this video may remind you .

      ... and I've even written a song or two my fabulous mates The Wiggles (the greatest children's entertainment group in history), are planning to record very soon.

      Great to now see a female Wiggle too, isn't it ? And what catchy little numbers these next 2 are ...

      Anyway, back to the children's group I've created.
      They'll be somewhat similar to a number of the terrific little creatures we've loved, laughed and cried with throughout the history of children's television.
      Do you recall the amazing and lovable Wombles?

      And who could forget the Telletubbies ? The very cute little characters almost everybody in the world fell madly in love with not all that long ago ...

      .. if Judy was able to pick up little Poh and give it a hug just once in her life ......(bliss).

      My favourite children's character's of all time is a toss up between The Tweenies and good old HR Pufnstuf

      Stay tuned for more .....

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