• 5 Mindful Hacks for the next 24 hours

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      Mindfulness like all new skills needs to be practiced to achieve the benefits, with 5 Mindful Hacks for the next 24 hours you have no excuses not to try.

      I began meditating in my early 20s and at different stages of my life I have dedicated more time, but the more commitment I give to my practice the greater my experiences and overall life. The practice is the teacher.

      To start your practice you might want to try to integrate these 5 coaching Mindfulness hacks over the next 24 hours to help you sustain your choice to practice mindfulness more. Trust me when I say mindfulness can be life changing, itís the weekend and a great time to get started.

      1. Set us a space in your home that is light, peaceful and accessible. I like it to be somewhere open that reminds me daily to practice. Its a corner in my lounge room with cushions, a bean bag and some candles and oil burner and the whole family is welcome to use it. Its right by a window that pours lovely natural light in.

      2. While meditating donít expect your thoughts to suddenly stop, thoughts are like radio waves they will always exists in the background of your mind but as you train your mind to focus on the present moment you will find youíre distracted by them less.

      3. Try to keep your breath nice and full, the more oxygen you fill up your body with the more you will find a sense of deep relaxation wash over you. Expanded breathing is really good for your health but donít try and force it or breathe to fast and hyperventilate, keep it natural and gentle.

      4. Try not to avoid discomfort during mindfulness meditation. Quite often meditation can be a form of escapism of discomfort, pain or suffering but actually in mindfulness we turn toward whatever the body and mind is experiencing in that moment. This can be uncomfortable at first but try to stay with it and develop non-judgemental acceptance this is real for you right now.

      5. Invest in improving your practice everyday. It is great to attend workshops and coaching for mindfulness and support but making personal time everyday will make a huge difference to your practice. How long can you dedicate to practice? 15min, 30mins, 1 hour? Set a goal and get started, try to be realistic but also realise if you truly value being a more mindful person you are going to have to retrain your mind in approach.

      How about this weekend give yourself a little more time for practice and see what comes up for you in the moment? Join us on 12/3 for Mindful over Matter and we will do more than 1 hour formal meditation plus a few more tips and strategies to support you in your mindfulness journey.

      If you have children and want some quality time together learning mediation Mindful Parents will be a fun, creative workshops for both adults and kids.

      Happy Mindful Meditation!

      X Marion.

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